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I like this one. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban...ppush&color=01 Though it does have elastic on the bottom and cuffs. There are couple of coupons (URBN1VISA5 - $15 off, expires tomorrow or URBN1VISA10 - $10 off, expires February) plus Fatwallet cashback for Urban Outfitters, though I know some of you loath the Urban Outfitters material. dxx
+1 on There's something about mary I'd say my favorite chick flick would have to be Grosse point blank. And Hugh Grant wasn't too bad in About a boy. Have any of you seen Whipped?
Quote: Originally Posted by dapperdude Are all 20-somethings so incredibly naive? Nah, I think you may have misconstrued what I said. It's pretty much a given that there are no loyalties between employees and employers toward each other. So you just have to have to find some sign that you're not a just a commodity to your employer, even though you probably are. Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan No, they just feel...
I spent about an year salivating over these babies before I finally bought one couple of months ago. As for getting 1080p, I decided it was not worth it because there are very few sources of 1080p material other than HD-DVD and Blu-ray. So if you're factoring in plans to upgrade to a newer and bigger model 3-4 years down the line anyway, then 1080i should be more than good enough. There was an article on Wired saying the prices on LCD's may have already hit bottom and...
Hey guys, There's an interesting article on Fortune about twenty-something's in the work place. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortu...3934/index.htm I found it pretty interesting and some of it quite true looking at my life. One guy says he'll show some commitment to the company because the company has shown a commitment to him. That's exactly how I think. I recently decided to start looking for a new job because my current firm hasn't been that great in supporting...
Can I have funky and classic? But seriously, I want something with little more detail than a boring captoe. I'm trying to stay away from the Eccos and Borns that are popping up all over the malls. I like brogues/wingtips but wouldn't they be too dressy for my attire? I'd be fine wearing those in NYC, but in Fargo, ND, I'm afraid they would seem a bit over the top unless I'm wearing a suit.
Hey folks, What do you guys think of these shoes for wear with jeans? http://www.shoebuy.com/sb/s.jsp?Style=169743 I'm looking to buy a pair of shoes this weekend, and since shoebuy's having their 20% off labor day coupon (LABORDAY20, and also $10 off for new members, I think), I thought I'd grab it from them. I usually wear jeans and long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up or a polo shirt. Add leather jacket during fall/spring or parka during winter. I got...
It'd be interesting to see some examples of cooler looking polos. I can't find anything other than RL custom fit polos that fit me. So I'm stuck with those, I guess. Peter
Thanks for all the replies, guys. But unfortunately, most brands mentioned are out of my price range. Sofa - $1400-1600 shipped Bed - $700-800 shipped I've almost decided to scrap the TV stand and get a wall mount for the plasma. So I can put that money towards a mattress. Thanks anyway for your advice.
Thanks for the suggestions, Bradford and DocHolliday. It's very rare to find a good piece of furniture at a yard sale in Fargo, but Estate sales and auctions sound promising. Are they usually advertised in newspapers or should I look elsewhere for them? You mentioned looking online, Bradford. Do you know of any places I could look?
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