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The leathers come from live animals at a point in time and no two animals are the exact same, could be a reason for the difference in thickness of the end product.
Those knits look fantastic
ervell buttero SS
Just picked this up from WW.
This has probably been answered a couple times but could someone tell me when the flannels are suppose to ship? Just curious thanks.
If anyone got the raglan sleeve overcoat in a small and it doesn't work out, gimme a tell.
Oh I mean I can re-enter the polls and put in another vote but I wasn't sure if we were suppose to do that or not XD
White was my vote. If I had two more votes, robins egg blue and mint would be close 2nd and 3rd.
GF got me this ZamB scarf. Holy shit so warm.
Trying to find the classic club collar white oxford in a small but with no luck; could anyone point me towards one?
New Posts  All Forums: