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Maybe theres still time to change it lol.
Olive calfskin DR2010 or DR2103? Think I might commit to another jacket before it's all said and done.
Cole and jsd, killer fits
Holy shit that looks outstanding.
For the leather MA-1 you can only order it in black lamb and silver zips (or excella) I believe.
They only offer the excella upgrade on black leather, I believe. So that wouldn't even be an option for your toffee tan MDR.The default lining for the older models (leather ma-1's included) is sateen.
Yes I see that. I wasn't posting asking where my jacket was. Just posting jacket's my timeline. Thank you though. Edit: Waiting on a leather MA-1 cole.
34 weeks going into 35 unfortunately.
Bought the Chandler jacket from WW which came out to be around 330. Got hit by a 70 dollar duty fee from fedex. Just a heads up.
New Posts  All Forums: