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34 weeks going into 35 unfortunately.
Bought the Chandler jacket from WW which came out to be around 330. Got hit by a 70 dollar duty fee from fedex. Just a heads up.
Go black calf 4-zip moto with gold zips. You'd be ballin' out.
^+1 to less common. Got an electric blue goat BCDR in queue.
GDL/ no man walks alone
Kinda like the technical cardigan from this SS.
36 in chest, 30" waist went with size IV in both.
I'm 30" as well. I emailed SP and was responded with: item seems to fit TTS although with the elasticized waist, the sizing is forgiving. Also said the fabric was soft but substantial and drapes really well.
Committing to 4 and 20. Then waiting for SS14.
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