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^ haha the two things i picked up XD (skeleton and khaki floral). Kind of upset with myself that I didn't jump on the moto samurai.
You're cutting into Drews sales when you post in HIS thread about YOUR jacket being in the marketplace.
Hope you guys realize that the cuff measurement is taken when the cuff is laid FLAT.
Still dunno what I'm doing.
Considering you're at almost 8 months are you saying you're expecting this jacket to take a total of 10 months to get to you?
No tracking on lamb MA-1 this week (6/30).
Ordered the cardigan on the 2nd and haven't received shipping notif. Is it normal due to the large amounts of items being sold during the sale?
Yeah kinda wish it had buttons but oh well.
The leathers come from live animals at a point in time and no two animals are the exact same, could be a reason for the difference in thickness of the end product.
Those knits look fantastic
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