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^ quite tempting holy shit.
^ This QDR is about 1.5 years old
Navy QDR.
Thank you JE. Went ahead and purchased a black hooded villain.
How do I get my hands on a pair of these?
New to JE as well and was wondering where I could find a medium Villain Hoodie? Edit: Sorry just saw the post about the villain hoodie restock.
What? Toj0 and leather Ma-1 aren't similar
^look under the CWU link on the gallery.
^Congrats man! Lamb MA-1, blue goat QBCDR and Italian olive calf 2013 rider all in queue now. Think I'm set lol.
Deciding on another jacket but uh not sure which model to go with yet. Olive calf in 2013 DR or 4-zip MDR?
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