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What's the source on this info? I have a BCDR on the line is why I ask XD.
Both my current lamb jackets are quite grainy, in a good way.
^ I want to say if it's an error on their side (I.E. You ordered x jacket with x leather and received x jacket with y leather or the jacket gets produced with measurements not agreed upon prior) yes. But not sure about "I don't like my jacket anymore" or something to that extend refunds.
JE has fantastic customer service. Had an issue with an order, emailed them and had the problem resolved in a few hours. Also, my charcoal villain came in and yeah, I would size down for a fit more similar to the past villain hoodie model.
Asks for sizing advice; disregards advice.
Mercer T copped. Thanks guys! Would buy the Escobars but too hot in FL right now.
10/10 avi
Real nice jacket (red calf BCDR) but there's something about your pose or the bunching on the side that is present when it's zipped that makes the fit very unflattering.
^ I'll post one tomorrow lol too tired tonight.
Came home to a surprise. Nothing you haven't already seen: Black lamb MA-1 Crappy iphone photo with even crappier lighting but yah. Much butter. Much 49 weeks~ quite happy with the fit. Two more jackets to go XD.
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