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Kinda like the technical cardigan from this SS.
36 in chest, 30" waist went with size IV in both.
I'm 30" as well. I emailed SP and was responded with: item seems to fit TTS although with the elasticized waist, the sizing is forgiving. Also said the fabric was soft but substantial and drapes really well.
Committing to 4 and 20. Then waiting for SS14.
Whoa. Amazing. P sure I'm getting 04 and 20. Probably be a 4 (36 in chest) in both? Not sure how trousers are sized.
^ Yes. $820 for black calf and an additional $50 for any other color.
Yeah the MA-1 is only available in black lamb. Wanted a black goat one but no go.
^ was thinking the same thing. The cuffs are quite large fully zipped up but everything else about the jacket is beautiful.
Those Junya trousers are fantastic
10 out of 10 lol
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