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Good look gbear; got my vbc suit in but had the tailor hem the pants for no break and had the suit taken in a bit. Will post pics when I get the suit back though!
Having an iPhone or any smart phone connected to your email makes it hard to do this.
Have a pair of the Japan Blue x Momotaro 0100SP that I'm trying to break in right now and the stripes definitely sold em.
They do not give you an option on customizing lining when you order, I don't think. That lining was for the Girlfriend DR he ordered.Edit: Yeah, you can see the floral lining on this girlfriend DR in the gallery. http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=2657
floral lining is cool
Just got my OG dandy pants in! Glad I sized down cuz the fit is spot on! Thanks again Mauro. Time to get this thing faded
My VBC med grey should be shipped any day now; cannot wait.
Just purchased the sz 29 OG dandy's from mauro.
Isn't the 2-way zip standard for the Motos/DRs?
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