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Asks for sizing advice; disregards advice.
Mercer T copped. Thanks guys! Would buy the Escobars but too hot in FL right now.
10/10 avi
Real nice jacket (red calf BCDR) but there's something about your pose or the bunching on the side that is present when it's zipped that makes the fit very unflattering.
^ I'll post one tomorrow lol too tired tonight.
Came home to a surprise. Nothing you haven't already seen: Black lamb MA-1 Crappy iphone photo with even crappier lighting but yah. Much butter. Much 49 weeks~ quite happy with the fit. Two more jackets to go XD.
The shitness of this thread has reached an all time high.
^considering TOJ is closed could be someones last chance in getting some crazy one of a kind leather/model combo.
Is this the quirky war vet (bomber guy)?
Bob your face is normal in that pic. Can't wrap my head around it.
New Posts  All Forums: