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I'm 5'9 150~ which size should i take in the overshirt flannel and villain crew? Took size 2 in the villain hoodies and theyre a bit loose
Joke was too intricate. Went right over his head.
^ probably not. Maybe you should tell them to stfu, they'll probably listen especially since some have invested lots of money to TOJ with no product turnover.
He meant the months and months of silence from Drew m8 lol.
The 2010DR looks way better unzipped vs the BCDR (IMO) lol.
Ended up changing the BCDR to 2010DR (52 weeks) if that helps with jacket timeline.
Have an olive calfskin 2013dr inc as well XD.
Contemplating on changing my electric blue goat BCDR to 2010DR.
DR2013 looking real sharp. Best part though are the matching zips.
Congrats to all the dudes potentially getting their jackets in the upcoming week.
New Posts  All Forums: