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Torn between black or olive lambskin DR1
Went with the mediums on the olive fullzip and dune escobars. Thanks for the advice.
This has probably been answered multiple times but if I'm 5'9 150 what size esocobar and flash dual fullzip do I get? M?
Congrats gentlemen will definitely be sending yah an email in the next couple days
What would be even more fantastic following this great news from Charly would be getting jackets from Drew Q_Q
WTB: More time
How is everyone finding their payments sent in '13 through PP? When I search the results come up with no payment sent or received etc.
51 krayzeez (1490) 52 510kut ($1065) 53 nbird ($795) 54 goofy12 ($780) 55 PDinh (1650 United States dollars) 56 Kontos ($450) 57 Yohans301 (780) 58 ro0ts ($741) 59 Gerry Nelson ($885) 60 dieworkwear ($820) 61 panthermodern ($830)
well count me in. Got two jackets in the make believe queue Q_Q.
Hasn't he been extremely negligent the past two years though? lol
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