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Blue Hawaiian picnic in action. Great fabric
Bob your face expressions are next level.
Ragret selling my olive anni MA-1
Received shorts today. Fabric is insane. Print is insane. Getting them hemmed 2.5inches though but besides that v. happy with 'em.
AFL has a sand tan lamb 2010DR and it looks fantastic. Edit:pic above lol
^oh my.
Ty Mauro. Ended up getting the AD XS pineapple picnic XD.
The two major difference i see are shoulders and sleeve length. Not sure about shoulders but the sleeve lengths on bombers are usually longer for stacking purposes, something you don't want with a rider and thus the shorter sleeve length suggestion. Basically, just go with Charly for your sake. He's been doing this for a while now and most likely won't steer you wrong.
Do you think i could fit into an AD XS? if I'm a regular BD Small. Really want one of those pineapple picnics
New Posts  All Forums: