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It seems that my images got deleted when my post was deleted for spam. Anyway it was just a photo of the Nationwide plan that the lines are on. If anyone is interested please let me know.
So I have a bunch of Verizon unlimited data lines and looking to give a few away. Normally I sell these things, but recently got more then I can handle. With that I've went back to several forums I've frequented over the years and decided I'd give back if I can. This isn't spam, I'm not selling anything, looking to gain anything etc. Just looking to give something away to anyone who may be interested. With that I usually get a lot of questions about how the process...
I have an abundance of Verizon unlimited data lines and I'm trying to give some away. These are old grandfathered unlimited plans that you can no longer get! Giving away for free unlimited data 4G LTE smartphone plan from Verizon Wireless.You can change the voice and texting options later if you wish, but you MUST stay on the older Nationwide plans. If you move to the new Shared plans or use the device upgrade on the account, you will lose the unlimited data. This plan is...
Put on one of my favorite fragrances today for the first time in forever, Gucci Pour Homme II
That's correct, PM me your amount interested in and email address. Also please advise location.
That is correct, I do.
That's correct, PM me your email and amount interested in.
This is what I hate about doing international shipping. If I don't offer it then people complain. But then things like that happen and I feel bad but helpless. I really hope your guys arrives and intact.
Thank you sir, please enjoy!
This light and invigorating scent for men and women evokes the citrus groves and lush landscape of a seaside palace in Sicily. As versatile as it is beautiful, CREED Imperial Millesime can be worn by men and women for any occasion, from corporate suite to evening out. A scent for persons of stature, Imperial Millesime is famed for its golden look and feel that fit perfectly with the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony, a reason for this fragrance's lasting popularity with the...
New Posts  All Forums: