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Posts by lespaul1959 not sure if I should trust this site or not, prices seem really good
how does a TOJ rider jacket fit? tts? im 6 2' 170 and normally wear mediums in most outerwear/jackets if that helps
no idea what your on about but ok
thanks for the help!
i looked pretty hard, the standard buffalo plaid has a bright red, this is quite a bit darker
looking all over, i cant find anything close to this, can any one help?
thoughts on this jacket? if no can anyone suggest a really warm hooded winter coat?
anyone know a good black cardigan to get? also i want some vintage 50/50 cotton/poly blend t shirts, and some boots, any recommendations would be appreciated
those are sick, what are they called?
just got this jacket for half price from scotch and soda website
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