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Totally agree on the Dalton -- the eyelet spacing feels weird. I think AE just can't make boots. Look at these new travesties they came out with for Fall. Just awful.
So... the Normandy boot. These... look.... awful. Just sayin.
Bullpenis 4ever
Imyouricecreamman: Only the top is unstructured. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/auc-kutuyatomoda/item/redwing8016/
It's the same in that they're both CXL. Those pictures I posted above are from last year and it's the CXL we all know. I ended up selling those and buying a larger size this year and the CXL is very different. There are more highs/lows and crackling in the leather this year. It's more interesting I think. It's also stiffer and less soft.
Just took delivery of the new 8119's and they are stunners. Some thoughts: •The leather is absolutely stunning -- a rich burgundy oxblood. It's soft but thick and beefy. I'm hoping this leather gets more use in other new models. •Changing out the cork outsole for the Vibram mini-lug sole is interesting. I'm sure RW was responding to customer feedback since many people complain about the slippage during winter w/ the cork. I think I prefer the aesthetics of the cork (dat...
The pictures are accurate... The cxl is different from most cxl I've seen.
They're exactly the same as last year. Although, the CXL on my pair this year is much stiffer and has more high/lows but I guess that's just a batch by batch thing.
Yes that is true. Only difference is the cap toe. I picked up a pair at nordys yesterday. Great price.
There's some new RW Fall '15 boots up on Red Wing's website http://www.redwingheritage.com/USD/footwear A couple things of note: •Includes an Oxblood Mesa Iron Ranger with a mini-lug sole (for all those who complain about the Iron Ranger traction w/ the cord sole). Looks very nice... I already put an order in for a pair with my dealer. •Do we really need Beckman Round's in 8 different leathers? I guess they sell well. Also, whatever happened to the Beckman moc-toes?...
New Posts  All Forums: