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Gents, I just took delivery of my grail shoes: C&J for Ralph Lauren "Marlow" shell blucher. It's my first pair of C&J (most of my collection is Alden and AE) and boy are these close to perfect. Pics:
Thx Dubsy. I also picked up these 962 Norwegians:
A new pickup just in from Shoemart: CXL Perf Captoes.
Recently kopped some Alden 990's and took them to my local cobbler for the ol' bl@ster treatment (more neutral edge and brass eyes). Before: After:
You said it, Watch! This new MTO program sounds totally flaccid.
Exactly. They've been giving this doublespeak for a while now. It's obviously not a priority to them and I doubt we'll ever get anything MTO related that's very exciting.
From reddit (we shouldn't hold our breath): Do you have any plans to do anything with your MTO program? I know you take MTO's at trunk shows, but as someone who isn't close to anywhere you have these shows, an online version of it would be very nice AllenEdmondsCEO1h9CEO - Allen Edmonds We're you sitting near me at lunch? I was just talking with our Minneapolis store manager about MTOs. Yes, we do plan to bring that back out on our new website platform. As you may know,...
Just kopped these #8 NST's from Leffot. They're right purdy and not to worry gents -- they're at the cobbler now getting some brass eyelets
Hey Pepp! Can you post links to the relevant threads or urls to where we can learn about the Vass and Enzo MTO stuff?
Agree. There's nothing wrong with quartz. There are tradeoffs with mechanical and quarts watches. My rule of thumb is not to pay more than a few hundred for one.
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