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They're awesome. Now... how do I get a pair??
This guy.
Fugly? Hell no, they're awesome. Wish we could purchase them in North America (you know, the place where their made).
Is it just me or has the fit on RRL buttondown shirts gotten slimmer over the last couple years? My older RRL shirts from the past 3-5 years seem to measure much larger than the most recent RRL shirts.
This is a forum for discussion of fashion and a thread for discussion of Whites boots. No one here will be enriched by your racial slurs and gaseous right-wing ignorance. Let's stay on topic, thanks pardner.
*cough* guys really think the Old Navy guy is gonna keep the high-end brand that probably makes them very little money? I have my doubts. My advice: stock up on RRL goods.
Just kopped these Wolvies in Pigskin LTD boot. Kind of a funky leather but I'm digging it. This is the leather that Horween provides to Wilson to make the official NFL game balls that Brady deflates. Hoping my Seahawks will crush it in the playoffs this year -- I'll be wearing these during each game, rest assured. Some pics: A bit more on the leather from Horween: "This specialized leather is treated with our own proprietary tannage and extracts, giving it the high...
Yeah that's pretty much what they look like. But keep in mind that everyone's monitors are different color-wise -- so go see em in real life or order and return if needed.
Wow. The "Japs" and an anti-government political screed. This kind of rubbish is not what I come to this thread for.
Alden's @ Marshall's?! You gotta be f*cking kidding me.
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