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No piping, crappy insoles, lack of reverse stitched vamp to the quarter. These changes are downgrades most likely brought on by AE's desire to pump out more shoes and with fewer 2nds. They remade my Trunk Show Natural shell Leeds 3 times! And finally they gave up and did Leeds 2.0 on the final pair instead of Leeds 1.0 without even telling me and they were still totally screwed up when they sent them to me.
Just got an email from AE touting "new styles sneak peak!" and their "new" styles are Leeds 2.0, MacNeil 2.0, and Dundee 2.0 -- all looking worse than the 1.0 version and cheaped out with shortcuts to help them make shoes quicker (and poron insole, um no thanks). Talk about a lack of inspiration. It's sad. AE is on such a terrible trajectory. I can't remember the last time they had a new model that was exciting other than the Rogue.
Another price drop!!
The laces pictured are from ShoelaceExpress. Here's the direct link to the laces, which are available in 63":http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/fashionroundcasualathleticlaces.aspThose look great, Solo. Nice one.
Great choice. It's a great value and a real stunner on the wrist.
Not sure yet. I got my pair from Ebay but I only see a couple pair listed there in odd sizes. I believe this line is being introduced this Fall so we should keep an eye out for where to k0p in the next few months...
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