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Just got an email advertising March Madness MTO webgems. Meanwhile, still waiting on my Natty Shell trunk shows that were promised before Christmas. Kinda getting ridiculous. A handful of emails to the person at Boston AE store I ordered through have gone ignored so I went ahead and called them. They are apparently in the "insole" section of production, not sure what that means. Anyone else in the same boat?
I was told my trunk show Natty Shell's would ship by Christmas. Now I can't even get a response back from the shop I ordered through about them. When i read recently about how happy w/ the Trunk Show AE was, I had to LOL.
Another blasted price drop!!
I wear a 12D so yes there's little doubt that those are my 2nds Just don't tell me the price.
I just asked him to sand down the black edge dressing and apply neutral/transparent edge dressing. There is a slight brown tint to them, yes.
Kind of quasi-mto's, but check out these AE Fairgates I had customized: http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/54495#post_7644742 Before: After:
So I scooped up these shell AE Fairgate's on Ebay. Being that my workplace is extremely casual and I can't resisit the antique welt, I decided to take them to my local cobbler (Choi Shoe Repair in Seattle) to have the blind eyelets replaced with exposed and to sand the edge and apply neutral dressing for a contrast look. Here are the before and afters: Before: After:
Another price drop!
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