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Where are people getting these shell Aldens from? And do they have all sizes available?
Price drop! This price is INSANE!!!
Boy that was fast. Let's see those piccies!! Did you make any changes to the config?
My white Neumocks in the wild w/ some not quite matching pants:
Got some new MTO's in: More pics here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381983/the-allen-edmonds-mto-thread/675#post_7073020
Gentlemen, my new shell Shelton MTO's are just in. After my last Promontory MTO, I was wary but Allison and co hit this one out of the park. The idea here was to replicate these vintage Florsheim Imperials: (http://www.classicshoesformen.com/shoes/florsheim-imperial-calfskin-saddle-oxford-circa-1980-43-435d) Here are pic and specs: Burgundy Shell Shelton MTO: Specs: - Shelton Saddle Oxfords - Leather: Burgundy Shell Cordovan - Upper stitching:Tone on Tone Stitching -...
As an update, they are remaking the boots to get the requested specs correct. I also purchased this messed up pair for 300 clams as 2nds rather than sending them back.
I just spoke to customer service and they claim all of the new webgems use Chromexcel leather. I thought that was confusing since one was named "Cognac" which I assumed meant Cognac Dublin Leather. Obviously I can't verify this info and the CS rep did seem a little unsure, be they are claiming they're all Chromexcel. For what it's worth....
They're size 12D.
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