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Got my order from Zappos. As promised, here are pics of the "Brown Bomber" leather on the new boots. The moc-toe boots are leather lined in the toe area and have a foamy type non-removable insole, must be a new feature for the updated line. Here are the pics:
Just k0pped the new 1000 Mile Boot in Bison leather that's new for Fall '14. The Bison is somewhat thin so they are leather lined. Here are pics:
Some nice looking new boots for Fall '14: Beckman round toe boot in "Bordeaux Spitfire" leather (style# 9033) -- these were previously only available in Japan. http://www.redwingheritage.com/USD/product/footwear/6-inch-boots/6-beckman-bordeaux-09033
New video of Wolvy making the new Bison boot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-ZFoZqus0#t=194
Noticed some new Chippeaw arrivals for Fall over at Zappos. The "brown bomber" leather looks really interesting. I just kopped some of them and will post real pics soon. Until then, here are screengrabs:
New MTO's in using Russet Brown Dublin leather from Horween: More info and pics here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381983/the-allen-edmonds-mto-thread/1575#post_7272103
You know what time it is, gents. Just took delivery of this new MTO! I'm pretty excited about this one. I originally asked Allison if they had any Burgundyl CXL but she said they only ordered a small amount for the Macneil5 webby and had no more. So I asked what other Horween leathers they had in stock and she said they had the usuals.... and Russet Brown Dublin leather. I remember this leather from my Wolverine 1000 Mile Krause boots and absolutely loved it on them so I...
They are just regular MacNeils, so 7 last. Glad you like them. These are intended to look kinda like GOP Guy's holy grail for me, Walnut Shell Mac's with natural welt. Walnut calf was the next best thing.
They are on the Barrie last. I double checked with J. Crew customer service on that and they said Alden told them they are Barrie. However, in my experience this shoe fits TTS whereas most Barries run large. I had to send my sized down pair back and get the TTS.
Thank you for the kind words, gents. I'm all in favor of the bl@ster line from AE and my kickback could enable some more MTO's with (you guessed it) exposed brass eyelets! And speaking of MTO's, new one in: More pics and specs here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381983/the-allen-edmonds-mto-thread/1545#post_7268016
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