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40 bucks?! Damn, those are shell -- you scored big time!
At the risk of being the only one who seems to care about this subject... recently scored these vintage deadstock 1999 Florsheim shell gunboats on Ebay. Check em out:
Recently kopped a pair of these J.C. Cole plain toe bluchers in English Tan from The Shoemart. They call this model the Dundee and despite my skepticism (since I hadn't heard of this brand at all) I am very impressed. Paid $350 for them, they are Goodyear welted (even has a thick leather insole). What surprised me the most is the quality of construction -- these are Made in China but look and feel like a pair of Aldens. At this price point, I felt like these needed their...
Wore them for the first time today -- really comfortable. In fact, they're the most comfortable out of the box RW's I own and I've got them all. The unstructured toe makes them feel less constricting... I'd go with the same size.
I'm ordered from the RW Heritage website.Yes, the outsole is a touch thinner than a regular pair of IR's for instance. I think that's what they were going for here -- sleeker and less heavy. The outsole material is a bit more flexible than other RW boots, so I don't think comfort level will be an issue. You could argue that the lack of toe structure will make them *more* comfortable.
Took some pics of some new RW pickups and wanted to share. I've also got the new Moc-Toe Cooper coming next week. Red Wing Merchant Boot in Ebony Harness: Red Wing Merchant Boot in Olive Mohave: Red Wing Blacksmith in Billy Beige:
Merchant boot now available for sale from the RW Heritage site for people in the USA: http://www.redwingheritage.com/us/USD/page/merchant I just kopped both colorways and will post pics when I take delivery.
These look great. But why oh why does North America get screwed again?
I just called Yenni today and droped the 200 bones for the pre-order on these as well. Can't wait til they arrive. Argh, October!!
Yup, it's horrible. Yet another in a long line of "f*ck you's" from AE while they pump up profits and shave off refinement. They did this to the MacNeil as well where they removed the piping. It's one reason of many that I've switched to Alden. And when Paul says in his AMA that it's due to customer demand, he's full of shit. The Carlyle is not a casual shoe. What the hell happened to this company? They are sh*tting all over their legacy.
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