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These look great. But why oh why does North America get screwed again?
I just called Yenni today and droped the 200 bones for the pre-order on these as well. Can't wait til they arrive. Argh, October!!
Yup, it's horrible. Yet another in a long line of "f*ck you's" from AE while they pump up profits and shave off refinement. They did this to the MacNeil as well where they removed the piping. It's one reason of many that I've switched to Alden. And when Paul says in his AMA that it's due to customer demand, he's full of shit. The Carlyle is not a casual shoe. What the hell happened to this company? They are sh*tting all over their legacy.
I ended up not going (even though I work just 3 blocks away). I guess I just didn't want to be "that guy" awkwardly telling him I dislike the direction of the company and that their new designs pretty much blow.
So PaulG is coming to Bellevue Square Mall on Wednesday. Any AE SF bro's want to meet up and meet the man himself? I'll be wearing some shell MTO's...
They look pretty bad to me. The fact that this is their LTD boot is underwhelming. What happened to their shell LTD offerings?
So... Canvas is back?! http://www.landsend.com/canvas-by-lands-end/?cm_re=glb-_-global-_-hdr-modern-_-20160316-_-txt Didn't see that one coming....
The Munsons are fantastic! Great pickup.
Gents, I just took delivery of my grail shoes: C&J for Ralph Lauren "Marlow" shell blucher. It's my first pair of C&J (most of my collection is Alden and AE) and boy are these close to perfect. Pics:
Thx Dubsy. I also picked up these 962 Norwegians:
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