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Based on my experiences the medium washed oxford will fit similarly to your tailored medium sail rigger but slightly looser in the chest.
Please stop.
It's excellent, especially at the current bargain basement price. Fit is tts and similar to j crew. Sail rigger traditional fit runs a full size large.
Oh look another Hirsh thread.
Good to have the band back together! Oh hayl yeah. My vote is for a chili grain Bradley with natural welt.
Yes they are. http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/20/news/economy/median-income/index.html?hpt=hp_t2Thanks Obama!I think these are positive changes. I've never liked the blue rivet and the esposed selvedge on the coin pocket always felt gimmicky to me.
Interesting. New Beckman wingtip style# 9051. Looks like it may be Europe only though
Looks out of the channel to me. I never said it would affect the wear and I never even said I'd return this pair if I bought them. My "sole" point (see what I did there) is that if I were the dude taking photos for the website I would have chosen another pair to take a picture of.
When clearly poor stitching that deviates from the stitching channel is considered "beauty," we've been lulled into some seriously low expectations.
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