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Very nice. How are they on sizing? Same as semi-dress? TTS? Half size large from Brannock?
0mg another price drop!!!
You should go with a size 11D.
Yes. I've found the moc-toe Red Wings to run TTS whereas the plain toe last fits a half size large.
I'm sure that kind of info is on their website, but the Seattle fit is much trimmer overall. Sleeves are less billowy, etc. Basically the old school Alaska fit is for layering, the Seattle fit is for Hipsters on their way to cubicle warfare. I've got an Alaska fit cruiser for sale on the marketplace if you want measurements.
Sounds good. Let's also do a Promontory!
Don't care for the eagle country. My idea for a Norwegian split toe got no love. oh well.
Hey, I'm just enjoying the show. What's the phrase, "democracy inaction"?
It's not a special makeup. You can buy the bison boot on Amazon and any number of places.
What a man! What a mighty, might good man.
New Posts  All Forums: