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Sazon: Those look great. Congrats! Also, more proof that non-North American markets get all the good stuff. Check out these new Red Wing monkey boots from RW Taiwan:
That's totally normal. Start wearing them -- they're about to get much more wrinkled/patina'ed. Enjoy!
No difference at all.
So true! You were just minding your business when suddenly you accidentally ripped someone for their reading comprehension. You are totally innocent, it's just those "troublemakers among us!" You are so full of shit.
Nice high school essay there. The bottom line is that you praising AE for their fugliest shoes was a mistake. Own up to it and quit wasting our time with your faux wisdom.
Looking good as usual, watch! Navy shell? Works great against the eggplant trousers. The exposed eyelets aren't too shabby either!
Exactly. Their new styles have been missed opportunity after missed opportunity. They need not look further than the MTO thread here for some really great ideas. I've not heard anyone on that thread clamoring for a teal colored one off eyelet
I've become mainly an Alden man since I really dislike the direction AE has taken (and I like the chunkier Alden styles anyway). PaulG has hinted at a rebooted MTO program, but I have this suspicion they'll screw it up somehow -- kinda like the latest shell thing where you can't customize anything but the leather! We got in while the going was good, Pepper.
Agreed, Pepper. Not a peep from my usual contacts. Maybe because I've been too harsh on AE's new styles But after they butchered my Natty Shell Leeds last year, I'm not sure I'd want to anyway.
So you reply right below a new style saying how much you liked it and respect it that AE is pushing the envelope with new styles. But you don't like the shoe, we're supposed to believe. Yeah, that makes sense. Next time AE comes out with another ridiculous fugly shoe, I'll post how much I love the new styles AE is coming out with but that I really dislike the shoe that made me post that. There's no way my reading comprehension for your convoluted logic can be as bad as...
New Posts  All Forums: