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The most versatile for me is definitely a pea coat, unless you wear suits and/or blazers often. I'm biased against the duffell as it doesn't look nearly as smart as the pea. For a second more formal coat that covers suit jackets and can still be worn casually, I'd go with a topcoat that goes down to mid-thigh to knee. Another option is a bridge coat, which is just a longer pea coat.
Well the thing is, I'm from a tropical country and my Muji peacoat is the first wool item I ever bought, so I'm not exactly a wool expert. It does look like what's shown in the website. With Uniqlo, more often than not the quality you get is more than what you're paying for (compared to other brands of similar price points), so if that's the maximum you can afford might as well get it.
I'd start with these for office wear rotation: Black oxford cap toe Brown derby brogues - can be used with jeans and chinos too Black chelsea boots - a clear difference from the black oxford, and can be used with gray/black jeans Brown monk strap - also a clear difference from the brown derby, more dressed up than a loafer, and can be worn with casual wear I understand about trying to diversify colors, but I wouldn't want the browns too diverse as i don't like having to...
If you're going cheap, I think Uniqlo is the only way to go. Or get a "real" peacoat at an army surplus. As for the colors, mine are a navy peacoat (the classic, and goes well with casual brown shoes), and i have yet to get a mid to light gray topcoat (which goes well with both formal and semi-casual and both black and brown shoes).
i tried on the medium and it was quite comfy coz it has a thick fluffy quilted lining. However coz of the thick lining it doesn't have much room for layers. I have a medium peacoat from Muji and I could wear a blazer under it (not that I would though), or a thick sweater. I guess if you don't care about layering and just want one outer layer it's ok.
You can split up your suit and wear the trousers with an odd jacket (with a contrasting color like mid or light gray), or wear the jacket with another pair of trousers (also in a clear contrasting color so it doesn't look like you grabbed the wrong jacket), and lose the tie. For an even more casual look, you can ditch the jacket and wear a cardigan instead. This is also a good opportunity to use a more casual shirt, like one with small checks, or a button-down collar, etc....
Before you go any further, are you wearing thermal underwear? If not, maybe you should get a bunch of cheaper wicking non-thermal undershirt and shorts like Uniqlo's Airism, then maybe one or two pairs of slightly more expensive thermals (v-neck long sleeve top and full length tights) for your second layer that you can wear on repeat since most of the garment doesn't come into contact with your skin directly. Then wear a warm shirt, layer with a wool sweater or a down...
You don't have to dress up to dress well. I'd love to suit up too once in a while, but suiting up everyday is not the norm (of the general population) nowadays. I too hate the over-"casualization" of clothing, but that's the world we live in now. Unless your job requires it, wearing a suit too often just makes you look like an odd and/or uptight dandy (even if you're not). It's just too affected and impractical to put on a tie when it's not required, or to wear a...
The fact that slim is in means it is a trend, and will probably look bad in 5-10 years regardless of your body type. I'd go for a classic Harvey Specter fit and avoid the Daniel Craig Skyfall fit. If you still want to be somewhat trendy, maybe something in between.
How can he develop his style if he doesn't try new things? He has to start somewhere, and asking/researching and practicing is the way to grow sartorially.
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