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Before you go any further, are you wearing thermal underwear? If not, maybe you should get a bunch of cheaper wicking non-thermal undershirt and shorts like Uniqlo's Airism, then maybe one or two pairs of slightly more expensive thermals (v-neck long sleeve top and full length tights) for your second layer that you can wear on repeat since most of the garment doesn't come into contact with your skin directly. Then wear a warm shirt, layer with a wool sweater or a down...
You don't have to dress up to dress well. I'd love to suit up too once in a while, but suiting up everyday is not the norm (of the general population) nowadays. I too hate the over-"casualization" of clothing, but that's the world we live in now. Unless your job requires it, wearing a suit too often just makes you look like an odd and/or uptight dandy (even if you're not). It's just too affected and impractical to put on a tie when it's not required, or to wear a...
The fact that slim is in means it is a trend, and will probably look bad in 5-10 years regardless of your body type. I'd go for a classic Harvey Specter fit and avoid the Daniel Craig Skyfall fit. If you still want to be somewhat trendy, maybe something in between.
How can he develop his style if he doesn't try new things? He has to start somewhere, and asking/researching and practicing is the way to grow sartorially.
The only type of hat that's less casual and better looking than a snapback and not as dressy as a fedora is a flat cap. Either a classic driver/ivy cap, or go for the more streamlined duckbill/pub cap. Check out how it's worn by Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Reynolds. David Beckham likes the fuller Baker Boy style flat cap but it seems harder to pull off. Flat caps won't go well with suits though, but I think would go fine with casual unstructured blazers without a tie.
I used to wear Rockports too, but realized that the quality was shit, and these days you can't even find a decent pair with a traditional shape. Go with Bass.
Brown are more casual. But if you're wearing black jeans or a black top most of the time, then get a black pair. I'm in the no-brown-and-black-together camp.
Of course learning how to dress well didn't come instantly. We figure things out little by little until we know enough. For me it's: 1. Wearing tops that fit. I worked out and got a bit buff, and learned to wear flattering tops. I got stuck here for a while before moving on to the next one. 2. Basic color coordination. Meaning avoiding bad color combos. 3. Wearing pants that are not baggy. 4. Footwear. Recognizing what's horrible-looking. 5. Considering my body...
I think boots are the best alternative and could be the sneaker version for adults. Desert boots, or any non-shiny but non-bulky, semi sleek, rounded-toe boot could be worn in the most casual settings.
I know exactly how OP feels (I'm 31), and all the people here trying to convince him that sneakers are ok for older people aren't really helping. No offense to those who love sneakers, but you probably won't change our mindset that sneakers are just too kiddy for US and it's just not our style. I usually go for classy, understated, and classic. I do have 2 sneakers though, black and brown, and both are slim, sleek, and plain. Basically the most un-kiddy sneakers I could...
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