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Nothing annoys me more than having gone through the process of buying item including payment just to get an getting an email a few days later saying they cannot fulfil my order because they don't have stock. I know technology is not perfect, but it's the worst.
Hey GBear can you take a better pic next time? Everything looks good otherwise especially the scarf.
are you trolling?
Yes they are too slim. You have a good figure though and would look great loosening up a tad while keeping with the slim silhouette. At the moment it is a little uncomfortable to look at and appears 'stuffy.'
I was considering getting Everlane but after this disaster might have to look either for alternatives or wait a few weeks for this fit issue to be resolved. It's easy to be critical, but it's obvious something is messed up on their end.
If anyone is interested I can take better pictures, but looks like the interest has already died down.
Hey guys. Just received my elston slim chinos in yacht blue. As people have noted, they are borderline skinny. People were hesitant to post a fit pic, so I took a quick snapshot for you guys. Having said this, the weight is a little heavier than what I am used to, although I am certain they will soften up over time.
Hey does anyone know how the Rudy fits compared to the Rivet chinos? I'm looking to get: , or 'Tapered Rudy Trouser' and would like a slim 30 comparable in fit to the rivets, so I was not sure if I can get 28 and let it out at the waist for a similar fit or if its a different beast altogether. Thanks.
How much for shipping to Canada? If you don't mind me asking, how come you are getting rid of it?
yjeezle did you work for a Korean company before? I remember a friend of mine telling me that when you want to enter a Korean company you have to start young otherwise you won't have enough time to move up the ranks.
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