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I wear a tie most every day to class. Probably the only person in the entire school who still does it, a few professors excluded.
As a 125 pound man (on a good day), most normal people look fat to me. Kind of limits my options, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I honest do not understand the chart. Ignoring girls = win? Being cool and aloof is better than making a fool of yourself trying to impress her. To be honest, though, it's really, really hard to have that self-control when you meet someone really attractive.
You know, money is not linearly proportional to quality. Looking at your blog, methinks you need to start with some cheaper sartorial basics, then build your way up.
Apparently, at UVA, at least, Barbour jackets are "in" right now for sorority girls. This really, really confuses me. On the one hand, Barbour jackets are awesome, on the other hand, they're going to parties, not duck hunting in the countryside.
Quote: Originally Posted by parfum Very well! Thanks for posting the pictures. You gave an idea on our prom's theme. In fact, I have gathered more pictures for comparison. I am really excited for the prom. I will also ask my friends to visit this forum so that they can also suggest and comment on topics. Thanks. Uh oh, a 30s theme for prom? Most high school boys don't even have a suit, let alone something that looks like anything in the...
Slim fit or not, does anyone know where I can find a shirt maker that makes cheap shirts for incredibly small men? I'm something like a 13.75" neck, 23" sleeves, 31" chest, 5'6", 125 pounds, and Express XSs are the only thing I've found that fit me. Unfortunately, the material is incredibly shoddy and uncomfortable (I just put a shirt in the sink to hand-wash it with lukewarm water, and color bled everywhere.) Anyone in a similar situation find an alternative?
*message deleted*
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Mark my words; colleges will be obsolete by 2013. Besides, I know plenty of handsome people who never attended university and they do alright. On the contrary, I think college will become even more important as time passes, especially in the engineering and science fields. Technology is getting more and more complicated, and the nations of the world will need more people to innovate and maintain this.
My grandfather just recently gave me several of his old suits. Unfortunately, all of them have not been worn in over forty years (and covered in dust) and many have been sitting on wire hangers for almost as long. What's the best way for me to clean these suits without destroying them any further? (In addition, these suits were made in Vietnam, so the material is incredibly thin/ unstructured)
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