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In my opinion, this would only be accepetable if you specifically get a bespoke a jacket that's supposed to be buttoned like that. Otherwise, lolno.
Thinking of going full cray-cray and getting a custom suit with late 10s/ early 20s styling. Ideally, it would have a cut similar to the ones seen here: ^fashion illustration from 1919 ^a picture of my fraternity from 1919 Required: Peak lapels done in a style appropriate to the period Vest (single or double breasted) w/ lapel High rise, skinny pants with absolutely no break Slim cut with plenty of suppression I don't mind if it's fully-canvassed or half-canvassed, I...
In the past ten years at UVa, not a single student has been suspended or expelled for sexual assault, despite its prevalence in college campuses. In a 1995 survey, one in five college students report having been raped at some point in their lives. "In a typical academic year, 3% of college women report surviving rape or attempted rape." (http://www.oneinfourusa.org/statistics.php) While it's possible the woman in question may be hypersensitive to perceived hostility over...
Unfortunately, this story hits a little too close to home for me, so I won't go too much into detail. As a current UVa student, I have little doubt as to the veracity of these stories: UVa has a habit of throwing scandals under the rug to preserve its "reputation." The girl in the anonymous essay was drugged; of that I have no question in my mind. For the sake of privacy, I won't go into details of why I know this. I have actually had several acquaintances fall victim to...
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a spread point collar the default for tuxedo shirts? And, yes, a black silk bowtie would go best with the lapels of indochino's tuxedos.
Seconded. Those shoulders look really strange. Also, I don't think a slim lapel works with your figure at all.
My two vintage dinner jackets (20s & 30s) both have link fronts. Seems to have been more common in the past.
Sounds like a deal breaker to me. No, but seriously, congratulations to you two. You both look great.
I think this thread belongs in Streetwear... Good look, though.
So I was thinking: buttons on the cuffs of a suit are (for the most part) nonfunctional, and even surgeon's cuffs don't fulfill any real role, other than showing off made to measure or bespoke cred. What if someone ordered a jacket made with absolutely zero buttons on the cuff? Could that be done, or would it just look horrendous? Are there any pictures/ precedent for buttonless suit sleeves?
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