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Seconded. Those shoulders look really strange. Also, I don't think a slim lapel works with your figure at all.
My two vintage dinner jackets (20s & 30s) both have link fronts. Seems to have been more common in the past.
Sounds like a deal breaker to me. No, but seriously, congratulations to you two. You both look great.
I think this thread belongs in Streetwear... Good look, though.
So I was thinking: buttons on the cuffs of a suit are (for the most part) nonfunctional, and even surgeon's cuffs don't fulfill any real role, other than showing off made to measure or bespoke cred. What if someone ordered a jacket made with absolutely zero buttons on the cuff? Could that be done, or would it just look horrendous? Are there any pictures/ precedent for buttonless suit sleeves?
Jesus Christ that looks amazing. Where'd you get it?
I'm in the mood for a college flick either recorded or set back in the days where boys wore tweed to class and tortoiseshell glasses were the shit. Anyone know of any? Bonus points for Ivy League fashion.
Leather buttons are fantastic. I don't see how anyone could hate them.
These options are all too high: I rarely spend more than $10 on a tie. Thrift stores and consignment shops are a lifeline for my neck.
I believe the "car coat" is what you had in mind.
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