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I'd recommend http://www.amazondrygoods.com/ for cheap but correct detachable collars, especially the celluloid one.
Just got my Gatsby OCBD in store today, she's an unlined beaut. I personally find the armholes a bit low, but I'm sure I'll live. Checked out some of the other stuff: all the other shirts they had in store were non-iron (ugh) and insanely expensive. The jackets had some pretty massive shoulder-padding and are as heavy-weight as mentioned before. Nice shoes, but way overpriced for what they are. Edit: I've just discovered that the OCBD has side gussets identical to Brooks...
Has anyone seen/ tried on the Brooks Brothers Gatsby OCBD yet? Rumor has it that it's got an unlined(!) collar very similar to their golden era shirts. If this is indeed the case, might be our best bet for a great collar roll at a reasonable price.
http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Designers/Sulka/All Oh my god oh my god oh my god
I was looking at the US Air Force uniform requirements, and they mention that their tail coats are required(!!!) to have shawl collars. Is there any precedent to this, or are these people just insane?
Just got a shirt from Kent Wang: can I get a fit check? Specifically, how are those sleeves looking? With the cuff undone Feedback is greatly appreciated.
le bump
In my opinion, this would only be accepetable if you specifically get a bespoke a jacket that's supposed to be buttoned like that. Otherwise, lolno.
Thinking of going full cray-cray and getting a custom suit with late 10s/ early 20s styling. Ideally, it would have a cut similar to the ones seen here: ^fashion illustration from 1919 ^a picture of my fraternity from 1919 Required: Peak lapels done in a style appropriate to the period Vest (single or double breasted) w/ lapel High rise, skinny pants with absolutely no break Slim cut with plenty of suppression I don't mind if it's fully-canvassed or half-canvassed, I...
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a spread point collar the default for tuxedo shirts? And, yes, a black silk bowtie would go best with the lapels of indochino's tuxedos.
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