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Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo Wow, I'm not really sure what to think of the Jagr signing. Hopefully, he will still be able to produce as an NHL'er. He a 55-60 pt pace. He can still be dominant, albeit for 30 second shifts now instead of minute long shifts. In terms of locker room cancer, he's supposedly grown up a lot. Tough to believe, seeing the shenanigans he just pulled. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
I just received my package from rrosals. Purchase went smoothly, quickly, and politely. Shipping was extremely rapid. Packaging was top notch. And the product was in beautiful condition.
My favorite show ever is Arrested Development. If you have Netflix and can get a hold of Greg The Bunny, I'd recommend that. FOX canceled it bcuz it was too lewd, but what a show. Other than that, ill second Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (although a couple of the characters grow tiresome after a while)....and if you want something that's commitment free and you can jump into, Tosh.0 is brilliant as is new comedy Jon Benjamin has a Van Sent from my Droid using...
Spinach salad w feta Grilled 1/2 ground veal, 1/2 ground piedmontese chuck Burger Potato wedges baked w garlic and asiago Caffeine free Zevia Cola post meal. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
Hi jrd, I was very pleased with my last purchase from you. After I send this, ill be sending you money for the blue Prince of Wales blue check in size 16-34/35. Ill have all my shipping info on PayPal. Cheers, Justin Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
Quote: Originally Posted by tj100 I think the difference is that the Bruins are physical - and proud of it. Marchand threw two pretty dirty plays in a row (, and immediately drops the gloves to fight. What frustrates the Bruins (and their fans) is that the Canucks seem really chippy, but then don't have the backbone to stand behind it. The difference, IMHO, is when the Bruins punch somebody in the back of the...
As a personal preference, I have never thought dark colored dress shirts to be an option. However, as you stated, you received a great deal on some terrific shirts and some are darker in color. I would tread with utmost care and work them in with light to mid greys and light beiges. Cheers on the nice deal. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
Nice items and a good seller. Free bump city.
C&A is a fantastic seller. Purchased 3 ties, all 3 were in exact same condition as advertised. Received them in a week....from Netherlands to Michigan. And prices were just right
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