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Quote: One overwrite will generally eliminate any chance that data could be recovered from the drive. But, the Department Of Defense seems to have established standards that require three overwrites for sensitive and secret material. Good little guide: http://reviews.ebay.com/Data-Destruc...:-1:LISTINGS:2 The one time I did it I also did a 5-pass overwrite.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara If you really want to wipe it clean, just do a reformat. Very simple procedure. That won't do it; you have to overwrite it with junk data. If you've done that, you should be good. Once you've made a full pass of junk 0/1s over every sector, there isn't anything you can do to recover the previous data.
That is a underhanded thing to do. If the site let you successfully place an order, they should give you a rain check on the price for when they have more stock. It isn't like their a discount shop that only buys one-off small lots, right?
Titled 'Device to Root Out Evil', this is part of a privately funded art installation in Vancouver public parks.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Another pair of nice Lobbs, 8.5 Black suede Hoxton hidden-lace derby, like new $250 BIN: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ADME:B:SS:US:1 Reserve met. Buy It Now price is no longer available since bidding has started. Someone could've BINned it for $250 but now the bid is at $200.
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 This is not their club line. Also, based on the measurements and the tagging as a 52R Euro sizing, I think this will more likely fit a 41R U.S. and not a 42R. I was close to buying that but the measurements other than chest do work out to a real 42R -- shoulders of 20, length 32+collar, etc.
heh I was just about to post those; it is raining Crispins and limited edition FAMs at The World's Finest this week.
Google image search knows him too... yikes Quote: Originally Posted by Ronald McDonald Yea, Warren, I need a pair of golf shoes, size 15.5 EEEE
Are you a lawyer that fancies his initials on each toe? I think that might be his target market. Quote: Having difficulty finding those alligator wing tips in lavender? Or a pair of elegant Nappa-leather loafers -- with, uh, fur lining and in two different shoe sizes? Whether your taste is basic or bizarre, Warren Edwards (475 Park Avenue, near 57th Street; 752-4883) can design made-to-order footwear in hundreds of styles and colors using various traditional...
Wikipedia knows Warren "Although Edwards e-mails specs to his cobblers in Italy, orders can take up to three months to complete."
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