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And if you swap it back in or plug the PC into the wall, the speed comes back? Try going through the new router's admin panel and turning off the WLAN part and see if that changes the wired speed.
What was distributing the internets before? A different router?
Hi, please see these much better options:
Quote: Originally Posted by j Good, hopefully the Genuine Advantage thing doesn't start giving you grief. I'm sure it will make his work easier and more fun.
I want to say that I also would like to be compensated for my loss ($30), perhaps something additional as well for any mental anguish (real or perceived), and that my posts here are in no way mocking you or this thread.
When I can't decide I also ask myself WWKFD?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang The blue one especially, looks like the poster for a bad 80s movie. Some sort of sci-fi equestrian film with computer graphics. Exactly why I like it! The size isn't an issue as the silk tends to be delicate and not bulky.
Stuck to it for 9 days so far. Easier than expected and the afternoons rock What I'm eating now after my workout... Big bowl of nesquik w/ 30 g of whey & 1.5 c of 1%....mmmmm
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I think realistically, you'd have to get tired at some point, by which time, you'll just be swarmed (assuming a constant supply of a constant number of 5 year olds). A punching bag never hits back, but you eventually get exhausted punching and kicking it. If you get to the point where you are fearing exhaustion, consider building a fortifying wall or perhaps some sort of shelter from the dead...
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