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Quote: Originally Posted by Souper Let's just say I have $20 in my wallet and I am relieved that this particular weekend, I do not have to starve. What to do? 1) Hit all the thrift stores in a 50 mile radius 2) Buy anything you see with a label discussed here 3) Post the items for sale on the forum 4) Don't send them 5) Keep posting more items for sale 6) Tell people the items were mis-addressed but will be sent out again 7) Keep selling...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I don't think so. Is it? He's probably speaking of the eBay shoppers; which would be a misnomer to call something bespoke when it was measured for someone else.
Received my last package from EL in, I think, 3 days. I come for the free hot dogs and stay for the low prices and friendly service.
Donald Trump wouldn't put his name on just anything.
Welcome to the forum. I think the main question was does he need to go on distinct cycles of 'overeating' and 'undereating' or can he build muscle and lose fat at the same time. I think one very productive way of looking at shortening the bulk/cut cycle it is to overeat on your weight training days and undereat on your days off, in a sense, doing both at once. Your body doesn't have two distinct modes where it adds up your calories for a week and says "this week you are...
Huntsman's suggestion will show you if someone is leeching the bandwidth but not if you have a problem in the settings of the new router.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Can you honestly takesomething like this seriously? I'm just not sure.... Yea, I think so. The name of the forum is "social life, food, and drink" so I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in some Google searches with the terms social life and food.
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 Somebody with a wireless card nearby is probably pulling your connection. I have this problem with a neighbor. The solution is lock your network. It is odd though that someone jumped on it as soon as he put in the new router and that they are constantly burning enough bandwidth to be a noticeable drag.
Quote: Originally Posted by maacone To clarify, I developed significant muscle mass from the weights. Obviously that had a knock-on effect in raising metabolism and burning fat. Judging from how fast weight loss progressed, plateaued or reversed on a weekly basis, diet seemed a lot more critical as opposed to the number, timing, nature and intensity of workout sessions. Were you going by your weight on a scale or a body fat analysis method? ...
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