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I only use a press at home. I don't have much counter space for a machine and I live down the street from some fine shops where I get my fix.
After thorough readings of Coffeegeek and burning out two blade grinders, I found this was rated as one of the better grinders under $100: I don't know if it is precise enough for espresso; I use it with a press.
Quote: Originally Posted by Double D For those who haven't yet noticed, read the signature and realise that this thread is spam already. Heh, yea that is a clever tactic. Post a seemingly real message but don't add the spam until a few days later when it has likely been forgotten but will still get picked up by search robots.
I suppose I don't live in NYC but I couldn't imagine going to a tailor and trying to specify a crotch that tight. "No, tighter." "Tighter please." "Almost there, keep pulling."
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Sand I think the jacket fit looks great. It doesn't bother you that it couldn't be buttoned in its current condition?
10% price drop on remaining pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liberty Ship Second, address the problem internally, nutritionally. Your recent threads certainly make the point that you should correct your diet.
I like the suit; fabric is killer.. but it certainly doesn't look like he could button the jacket. Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Suit is a bit bolder than what I would wear, but I do like the pattern and I'm sure this guy is not a banker.
^^ Good information, thanks. Also note that the Wong brothers in Chinatown continue to make their garments in-shop. I saw an interesting development happening on Alberni street near Burrard -- one of the new shops is going to be a Boboli outlet. If you haven't been to the main store on Granville, the men's side is a youngish selection of Etro, Vestimenta, Cucinelli and then more designer-oriented brands like Varvatos.
I still can't tell if it is a man or a woman wearing that. I'm not sure it matters.
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