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Quote: Originally Posted by SoulPatcher Not another peep from me about it. Just serious about becoming a member somewhere and people keep taking the topic into other places! I've gotta keep them focused Hard workout stories don't help me decide where to join... Have you done the free workouts around town yet? Every place offers a free session.
Final markdowns at Holt's start today -- 70% off, end of season, etc. >>Strange place for an outlet Agreed. Is that high street with Hermes, Wolford, and Tiffanys or is it outlet mob shopping?
I've never seen a Kosher bird in this city but I'm sure some of you can find them. I'm always disappointed if I don't brine a normal bird first -- no one else bothers to brine?
It's funny cause they both need a bra
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Just like kwilikinson's previous post, the uiniverse is so vast and infinite that I'm keeping an open mind. Astro physics is a fascinating subject and even Stephen Hawkins does not discount the high probablity of other life forms out there. But I don't believe either he or Sagan would say we have ever been or will ever likely be visited, in "person", by otherworldly beings. The more likely visitation...
>>Finally, a nice brown pair in 38. The lack of pattern makes them very versatile. There is a good chance I'm hallucinating but I swear I see a windowpane on those as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek If it was just some random hot chick than I would go for quantity with a 7, but it's Adriana Lima and there's something about her that drives me crazy. You're welcome.
I don't normally care for paisleys but I quite like that one. Save it for something more of an occassion though; I don't think it is appropriate for an interview.
1st entry... not dominated by blue but blue is the dominant color
Thank you. I hate the ball. Of course some people squat on it.
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