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Those are really... out there. I'd wear 7 and possibly 8.
>>Brilliant new avatar, TheHoff I'm obviously no joke. >>What's the peacoat? Great fit. Thanks! RL Black Label.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen ^ No blur today? She said I was cute. I believed her?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Personally, I think we need to take some style advice from here: Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by bure Thanks for your quick reply I'll try out Freedman's, Harry Rosen and Fast Iron Cleaners! Now I'm also looking for a pair of slacks for casual wear (grey colour I think). Any ideas? Thanks again, I just went by Fast Iron to pick up a few things waiting and I mentioned to Ionela that I'm sending someone in to ask about tapering jeans. Now, she is funny in that she doesn't seem very friendly at first and she...
Hey, welcome to the forum. >>TheHoff: I was just at Holt's yesterday and they had some sales... are today's better? The shoe selection wasn't great; I saw a pair of brown Prada shoes but they weren't my size. It is basically the same stuff on sale today, just dropped another 15-20% off. They will occasionally add new things to the sale but since this is the final cut, I think everything that will be on sale was on sale already. The shoe selection is really sad...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I just got Sirocco skillet and Saute pan from Demeyere. Fantastic stuff, eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Just go with the All Clad MC line. It is a gift so he may not have the choice. I've not seen it but depending on the weight, it sounds comparable or even better (I also prefer not having inside rivets for cleaning purposes).
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Aside from shameless pimping for a particular PA gym, why would do this to yourself? Sounds rather useless. Are you serious?? Crunches and pushups make me hyoooge. I don't get the "I hear this gym is great for this or that..." why not go in and try it?
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