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Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Do you know how much it costs for tapering jeans? (aprox) Sorry, I forgot to ask. She's the only one in the shop and answers the phone so you can call and I'm sure she'll say. Quote: Originally Posted by bure I've heard of moleskin but have never tried on or felt it. What does the inside of the pant feel like? Very comfortable? I know moleskin is supposed to be soft and durable. Would you...
Quote: Originally Posted by eric glennie How about Travolta in Swordfish. Looking hot in an EG cutaway collar. the multiple point dress shirt collar. I've always wondered... did you send someone that green shirt? Did they have it made up from your design? Or is it something you saw in the movie so you assumed they had seen your design? As I've only seen you offer white, I'm sure some members would be more interested if you had other...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I proclaim chorse the winnar! Did you somehow forget the "robe" from yesterday?? That should count against him.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Peacoat: Black Label Dolce and Gabbana, I picked up at the Via Condotti. Denim: Acne Mic T-Shirt: Prada Cotton Scarf: Something I picked up when I was in south India. Watch: Bvlgari Shoes: Alden Cordovan Blucher in Ravello Scent: Serge Lutens' Gris Clair Sunglasses: Dior Homme Aviators I don't comment much in this thread as my opinion is surely noob, but this is
Wow I really don't like grey slacks and a brown jacket. As they are two very different colors, which would fill the biggest hole in your closet?
Quote: Originally Posted by CriticalFish Where can I get a Borrelli tweed jacket like that in a 40R? Get in line I'm ransoming Joel's first born, what've you got to offer?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I'm surprised there haven't been any truly over the top entries yet... Blue coveralls with a pocket square and a race car tie isn't enough?? (good job, Roy B.) Quote:
I chose the Turnout; I wear them with jeans, cords, and moleskins, but they are too rounded and casual for slacks or suits, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle I will rock my blue windowpane sprot coat if I can get it tailored in time for the deadline.... Is yours subtle or BOLD? Mine is somewhat subtle if you're not in direct light; it could be confused for a standard blue blazer from far away.
There are too many suits, not enough odd jackets in this thread! (and I know you hate the square KW, so this is for you)
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