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Yea I still can't reply to a thread.. I get an Internal Server Error, like an .htaccess issue, when replying to this thread, using either the real Post Reply page or the QuickReply. Quote: Internal Server Error
hmm seems I can only post short replies? Yea there is an issue with length of replies.. anything over a certain amount fails
Zippy but no replies allowed! Nevermind, it is back.
Thanks, fellas. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I don't mean to be difficult, but I don't find these people particularly stylish. That isn't being difficult; I agree for the most part. I think the overall experience has colored my opinions. I've certainly seen better dressed people than those that I photographed. I've gone back through my shots and I've pulled out a few more stylish individuals even if the photos aren't as strong....
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Definitely check out Liverano & Liverano in Florence. Thanks, I will do that tomorrow. I found more serious menswear in Milan (not to mention some excellent style on the street); it seems more "fashion" type stores here. (This is my first visit to the country.) Milan was like a mecca with every serious brand having a storefront in one small area. Quote: Originally Posted by...
OK that last one, not so stylish... More from Parma...
Here are a few of my street candids from our trip (still going, currently in Florence). Parma, Italia:
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel NIB Kiton wingtips, size 9.5-10. $150 (JUST KIDDING, just seeing if anyone is still awake.) Finally, a photo that gives the reason behind the closet cleaning
They sell this at the shop across the street. I'd try it and post a review.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho I am not talking about Asians residing in Western countries. I'm talking about Pacific Islanders who sport Emo cuts? What's the reason for this trend? Your threads =
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