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I agree with ed. The pants will never look right. The pockets will be off, etc.
Long thread with a few options discussed (specifically for Vancouver) http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=21066
For the point-and-shoots, you are paying for the name. Panasonic makes some twin cameras with Leica -- same exact camera, same exact lens -- but 70% of the price.. check if they have the same as that model. >>will last me a few years and wont become obsolete in a couple years A camera can last you a few years but hoping for one that won't be obsolete in a few months is a fool's errand. Good luck!
I love how nearly every SC that comes from your closet has patch pockets but I can browse a huge high-end dept. store (Harrod's today) and find exactly zero. If this was anything but pure navy, it would be mine.
Hey Roger, is Tony A. truly inaccessible now? Or will he still see new customers for bespoke? I have some Scabal cloth and I may pick up some more while I'm here in London but my whole plan was to visit Tony Arletto (for the first time).
When you buy more shoes than there are days in the week, you must change them at some point mid-day, right? I agree with HF; I'd pay $20 to take a tour of the shoe closet. Love the first pair of JLP boots, especially.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl I like your wife for refusing to do the Pisa pix! I found Pisa to be a huge disappointment, did you wander in the city much? Are you hitting Lucca?? I missed this part of the post the first time-- Pisa was a total disappointment. We found a decent restaurant but that was it. The tower was good for a few hours of entertainment with the pushers but there wasn't much else to the town. The only reason we went...
Thanks, HF and Roikins Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Now I have to ask, did you drag along the 35 1.4, the 24 1.4 and the 85 1.2?? Great glass!! But too heavy for me, the 85 1.8 has to do for travel!! Thanks, Z. It is the 1.8. I don't have the 1.2... not much use for it here. I've not tried it out but I'd probably look at an old manual focus portrait lens if I were aiming for that sort of look.. rather than shell out the $1.6k for...
Unfortunately it only got worse in Pisa... sorry for this And even more off the topic of style, here is the Leaning Tower. My wife adamantly refused to do one of the "look at me pushing up the tower" shots so I decided to shoot other people's photos, only slightly off... I thought it was amusing. Apologies for the off-topic but I thought some here might enjoy the images. I will try and get back to actual style here in London... but on the long...
Two from Florence yesterday; If I lived in a city that had a decent style, I'd do this more often... as it is, my street shooting in Vancouver tends to be grittier. See my Flickr if you're interested. Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Nice pix, seem to be all shot with a wide zoom, 16 or 17mm?? Did you only bring a wide zoom? No long glass? Good eye; most in the thread have been with the 16-35/2.8 zoom. I also brought a 24, a 35,...
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