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I'm looking to buy my first nice suit and have decided on the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald. I'm thinking navy would be the first "staple" color to have as a suit. I went into the store today and was surprised to see that the only fitzgerald suit in navy that they had in my size (38S) was $998! I was imagining somewhere in the $600-$700 range. After looking on the website, I see that this was the suit i was looking at, the 1818 Fitzgerald. The first thing i noticed was how...
What are you referring to with "they"?
I appreciate the feedback.The reason I was looking for navy is because, while they aren't of real high quality, I already have two mid-grey trousers. One is from JCrew Factory outlet , the "Bowery" pants. They are a bit too roomy in the crotch and thigh area for my taste, and maybe the rise is a bit too long. Second pair I bought from a Nordstrom Rack... these were the Hugo Boss pants that look like they could go with a suit. They were like $100 marked down from $195 or...
Ya, i understand the cut and style would be different. Also, I know they each offer a bunch of different cuts and styles. I dont understand how I could possibly know which i'd like best besides simply ordering one of each and returning all but the on i like the most? Seems like too much work. I understand neither of these are sold in stores....? So, i guess just going by the measurements would be the only reasonable thing to do.Just wondering if anyone has any tips as to...
How does Howard Yount quality stack up against epaulet? I have never owned either and am looking to buy my first actual nice pair of pants... probably something in more of an "italian" cut, or a slim cut. Looking for some versatile navy pants for business casual and whatnot. edit: also, is bonobos considered decent quality? construction wont be as nice as the aforementioned, but are they a good value for what you get at around $100?
Ok.. i've lurked for a long time now but im finally going to ask for some help in this thread.. I'm looking for advice on my first pair of nice jeans that will fit similar to a Levi 514 cut. I've never owned jeans that cost more than $50 and recently have only been wearing 514's in a size 31x32 (in dress slacks i'm more like 30x30, but i got them a little long for stacking and a tiny bit loose in the waist for room in the "box" area). I'd like to keep it around $150 or...
I should also mention that my brother has a kind of conservative style and probably wears straight-leg or 'relaxed fit' jeans. I'm hoping to find something that will fit like a Levi 514 cut. Do the Weird Guys fit like a 514 at all? I see it has tapered legs so probably not. I appreciate the help.
My brother asked for some flannel lined jeans for Christmas and I want to get him something thats going to look good and last a while. I know there probably aren't too many SF approved flannel-lined jeans out there, but does anyone have any suggestions? I know LL Bean makes some (cut is probably atrocious, though) and so does Eddie Bauer and maybe J Crew?
How do you know which shoes you can use the CYBRSHOE code with? Is there a way to tell if it will work without going all the way through the checkout process to that point? Thanks.
American Apparel 50% off from group buy site BuyWithMe.. In Store: http://www.buywithme.com/boston/deal...erican-apparel Online: http://www.buywithme.com/boston/deal...erican-apparel Thought i'd share the wealth.
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