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Could you get me a quote on: Manistee belt in walnut calf, Elgin in 9.5B (if you have that), and Strand Walnut 9.5B. Thanks!
WTB: TOJ02013 size 48, navy/black black/black or navy/grey. Shortened sleeves a plus. Suit Wool MA-1 size 46 or 48
I'm gathering that TOJ makes only a few items per season, is that correct? I'd like to know if he's still making a bomber. What is the typical turnaround time? Thanks!
Thanks! Though i'm still not sure why BB doesn't say they're made by AE on their website for this specific shoe while it does for some others. Maybe AE doesn't make them anymore, but they used to, so thats why they are selling them from the AE outlets? Who knows. These are the ones i'm referring to.One more question - Do these types of sales happen often? When could I expect to see these prices again? I really shouldn't buy more than one pair at the moment but if I cant...
Is the "Brooks Brothers Fifth Ave" the "Perforated Captoes" on the Brooks Brothers website? On the Brooks Brothers site it doesn't say in the description that it's made by Allen Edmunds... but they certainly look the same. Anyways, for this sale, why is it that the BB models are so much cheaper than the others? Like the BB strand and BB fifth ave, both of which i'm looking to buy, are $159 for BB model instead of $229 for AE. Thanks!
What exactly are the Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren models that are $159?
What is the semi-annual sale? Better than the corporate sale coming up at 30%?
So the 30% corporate member sale could be applied to a 3 for $225 shirt deal?
So how does one go about getting seconds? Does it have to be from the factory outlet in WI? I just e-mailed asking to get on a mailing list for sales. If they put me on it, I can just place orders over the phone and they'll deliver?
Would I be able to combine the 40% off any one item coupon with the 15% corporate perks discount? edit: I just read someone has a 30% corporate perk? Is that something different than the one i just signed up for using the link listed above?
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