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price drop: $120 > $110
sent you a pm...still waiting for a reply? thanks
Price Drop: $130 > $120
Desert Boots SOLD!
those look really nice...ya the beeswax are def the best style in my opinion...where is the cheapest place to buy a pair currently?? (i have a pair of banana republic bees wax desert boots, but they are a size too big sadly...selling it in B/S section)
ITEM ADDED Banana Republic Desert Boots -- Beeswax Size 10 -- SOLD Retailed $90. They are marked a size 10 but are probably closer to a size 11 so figured I would let them go. They look great and have a great patina and I always get compliments from them. The entire silhouette is a bit slimmer than the clunkier Clark's style, so if you want something sleeker, these fit the bill. Still in great condition and if the sole is any indication, they still have a ton of life...
you will literally be slipping all over the place with the crepe sole on clarks and desert least i have in rain...not even a suede problem as much of a traction problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Oh my god, how did you make a fit that's utterly retarded in theory look great? i dont get it...isn't this basically the same fits seen in every page of jcrew/llbean ad? how is it retarded in theory when they constantly have it in print? i do like it, aside from the tuck...think it looks too contrived
connoisseur? nope...but now im curious.
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