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I didn't had the money at the time, but I remember that LN-CC last year was selling the coastal command jacket for 630 GBP
I really need a warm boot and this one looks nice and warm. What you thinking of them?
How warm is the boot and any things i should know about it? I'm looking for a nice warm boot this winter.
What did the price tag said?
A cold day in Denmark with my Nigel Cabourn Short Down Puffa and Charles Seymour Balaclava.
Nigel Cabourn - Designer Auction for Flannels Creates http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nigel-Cabourn-Designer-Auction-for-Flannels-Creates-/271113710507?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f1fa2ebab&_uhb=1
Yeah, It's also the reason why I have not bought it yet. Endclothing have 20% off (72 hours code).But I dont know if the smallest size/48 would be a little too big for me. I'm already got some Nigel Jackets in size 48, but I heard the Scott’s expedition are big in sizes (more than the normally NC)?Im approx. 172 cm and 77 kg. and I also going to loose som weight at the moment ,so it may not be too big/loose from the start.
What are people thinking of Debeham Seamen Coat ??
At first I was also most interested in the bright model, but when I saw them in the store, I ended up buying the brown model and I'm happy with the choice today After 2 weeks of use:
I had the same problem, but then I contacted them on the chat (www.superdenim.co.uk) and it worked.
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