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I found this shoe on Buttero own page. Link: and I found MAYBE the same shoe at Zalando. Link: Can anyone tell me if it's the identical shoes? I have written Zalando and Buttero and asked them. Zalando replied back and said it's the same shoe. But I still got my doubt. I think that the shoe from Buttero...
Can anyone tell me how to clean/care the Nigel Cabourn Rangoon jacket? "Featuring a bottom half made of premium cotton and an upper half, based on WWII military smocks, constructed of naturally beeswax coated cotton" I have already washed the jacket with a sponge and cold water (as says on the jacket label). But what can I used to the beewax cotton? Can I use Barbour Thornproof dressing?
I didn't had the money at the time, but I remember that LN-CC last year was selling the coastal command jacket for 630 GBP
I really need a warm boot and this one looks nice and warm. What you thinking of them?
How warm is the boot and any things i should know about it? I'm looking for a nice warm boot this winter.
What did the price tag said?
A cold day in Denmark with my Nigel Cabourn Short Down Puffa and Charles Seymour Balaclava.
Nigel Cabourn - Designer Auction for Flannels Creates
Yeah, It's also the reason why I have not bought it yet. Endclothing have 20% off (72 hours code).But I dont know if the smallest size/48 would be a little too big for me. I'm already got some Nigel Jackets in size 48, but I heard the Scott’s expedition are big in sizes (more than the normally NC)?Im approx. 172 cm and 77 kg. and I also going to loose som weight at the moment ,so it may not be too big/loose from the start.
What are people thinking of Debeham Seamen Coat ??
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