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Yeah no kidding, this is unreal. If I hadn't overspent already in the last couple months I'd really go nuts with picking some of these up. If this is a closet-clean I'd love to see what this guy is keeping.
I'm hoping we'll see a Walt in this colour - I'll be first in line to pick up a pair!
I'm guessing that there is a build-up of fall related items that will roll out soon. Just as my credit card balance recovered from the last set of stuff released, a new wave of good stuff is sure to come.
Just a follow up question on this - will you be doing MTO Walts as well?
Yes, +1 on this question. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of this as well. What colours will this be offered in?
Hi all - does anyone have medium blue or lavender oxfords with buttondown collars that they might want to part with? If so, I'd be interested in taking them off your hands. Drop me a note with what you would be looking to get for them. Thanks!
Check the spelling...
I've checked in as well, as of last weekend they said there would be a small restock in a couple weeks. So, unless timelines have changed, we'd be looking at about another week.
I've checked on this - look like in a couple weeks they will get a small restock, then that's it for the fabric as I understand it. I missed out on the first release, an will be sure to be much faster on the trigger next time.
Just a heads-up a bunch of new items got put up on sale. Check em out. I promised myself no more purchases for a few weeks, but got sucked into a great deal, broke the promise.
New Posts  All Forums: