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Hi all - I bought these from Epaulet's "Last Pairs" special back in June for $295. A great deal for sure. And they are indeed a great pair of shoes, I had to try them at that price. Unfortunately, I've found the Adelaide last too narrow for my feet, I need a sleeker last or at least a bigger size for this last anyways. I've worn them about a dozen times, but finally decided today that I'd willing to part with them They are a size 8.5UK handgrade navy shoe. They are in...
thanks, yeah I'm on Vancouver Island to the trip to the border is too far!
Hi there, I'm trying to track down a very particular converse shoe and can only find it on the converse.com website, and they only ship to US. I've exhausted all options that ship to Canada for these particular shoes. So, I'm hoping to find a US-based proxy that can help me out. If anyone here with good B&S feedback who would be willing to help me out, it would be much appreciated. If you can give me a sense of how much you'd charge that would also be great. Thanks!
Hey Mike, for us Walt guys, will there be a factory finds at some point? These look great, something along these lined in a Walt would be perfect.
Perfect! I was just going to return the charcoal one I received the other day as it is too close to another I have - I'll get in on this for sure. I'd love to see the Marl - otherwise I think I'll get the Glacier.
Hi all - I'm in the market for some moleskin trousers with a 33" waist and about 30 inch inseam. In particular, I'm hoping to find perhaps one or two of the following colours: olive, green, burgundy, cream... but open to others. Drop me a note if you have something like this and would like to unload them on me!
Can you provide measurements?
Congrats! I too am a runner and always get a kick out of doing events. I'm more into trail running, but road half marathons and marathons are a blast as well.
Thanks for thinking of this, if you end up developing this idea I'd like to get in on this. Perhaps offering different colors as well? That would be nice, a dark green perhaps...
Whoa, this might be too good to pass up. But this would be expensive, I bet. What sort of ballpark would we be looking at here for cost? And how many people would you need to do a group MTO? I need to know if I have to start saving...
New Posts  All Forums: