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Sorry man, you're screwed! I'm about a year or so inthe process of upgrading all of my basics with Epaulet stuff. I love their oxfords. Maybe about half way there...
I'm a tiny it smaller in the chest at 38", 5'9", 165lbs, and I'm happy with the large, it fits slim but not tight.
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Those top thee are beauties... if I was a bit more of a manlier man (by this I mean a bit bigger, and could carry something bigger than a narrow tie) I'd scoop those up in a second.
Hi everyone - I've got a quick question about their outerwear I'm hoping to have some help with. I wear a 38 jacket. Would a size 38 overcoat such as this one, http://us.suitsupply.com/coats/beige-double-breasted-overcoat-j214/J214,en_US,pd.html?start=5&cgid=Coats, fit with wearing a 38 jacket underneath? And if I probably wouldn't wear a jacket underneath could I ned up ordering a 36 overcoat? And in a different but related question - how often do they restock...
I've got a selection of really nice ties for sale here that I just get enough wear out of. The Panta and Keng Wang ties are great, but at 3.5" wide I think are a little bit too much for me given that I've got a pretty small frame. And the brown wool tie, doesn't have a name on it, but is a great tie, very soft, but I have another just like it and don't need two that are practically the same. Panta: Grey herringbone, cashmere, 3.5" and almost 60" long. A fantastic tie,...
Hi all, I think this jacket was a great deal, I got it on sale with the boxing week sale where you got 30% off on sale items, then was able to stack on the 20% student discount on top of that. They didn't have a medium in this jacket in stock, but had a small, so I ordered that hoping it would work out. I'll just keep this if it doesn't sell as it is pretty slim on me, but I thought if I could get my money back on it I'd pass it along. I got it for $69, original price of...
I bought these from another member, had the waist let out a bit but despite my best efforts in losing weights these are just a little bit too snug on me still. So I figured I'd see if anyone else would be able to use them even though I know I proably won't get back what I spent on them. 32.5 inch waist, 30 inch inseam. $15 shipping in North America. Paypal payment please. Let me know if you have any questions.
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A Walt 33 is perfect on me, but a 33 Rivet Chino was just a little bit too tight at the waist. Letting the wait out fixed that, but if (when!) I order another pair I'm going to a 34. Just my experience.
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