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I'm a tiny it smaller in the chest at 38", 5'9", 165lbs, and I'm happy with the large, it fits slim but not tight.
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Those top thee are beauties... if I was a bit more of a manlier man (by this I mean a bit bigger, and could carry something bigger than a narrow tie) I'd scoop those up in a second.
Hi everyone - I've got a quick question about their outerwear I'm hoping to have some help with. I wear a 38 jacket. Would a size 38 overcoat such as this one, http://us.suitsupply.com/coats/beige-double-breasted-overcoat-j214/J214,en_US,pd.html?start=5&cgid=Coats, fit with wearing a 38 jacket underneath? And if I probably wouldn't wear a jacket underneath could I ned up ordering a 36 overcoat? And in a different but related question - how often do they restock...
I've got a selection of really nice ties for sale here that I just get enough wear out of. The Panta and Keng Wang ties are great, but at 3.5" wide I think are a little bit too much for me given that I've got a pretty small frame. And the brown wool tie, doesn't have a name on it, but is a great tie, very soft, but I have another just like it and don't need two that are practically the same. Panta: Grey herringbone, cashmere, 3.5" and almost 60" long. A fantastic tie,...
Hi all, I think this jacket was a great deal, I got it on sale with the boxing week sale where you got 30% off on sale items, then was able to stack on the 20% student discount on top of that. They didn't have a medium in this jacket in stock, but had a small, so I ordered that hoping it would work out. I'll just keep this if it doesn't sell as it is pretty slim on me, but I thought if I could get my money back on it I'd pass it along. I got it for $69, original price of...
I bought these from another member, had the waist let out a bit but despite my best efforts in losing weights these are just a little bit too snug on me still. So I figured I'd see if anyone else would be able to use them even though I know I proably won't get back what I spent on them. 32.5 inch waist, 30 inch inseam. $15 shipping in North America. Paypal payment please. Let me know if you have any questions.
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A Walt 33 is perfect on me, but a 33 Rivet Chino was just a little bit too tight at the waist. Letting the wait out fixed that, but if (when!) I order another pair I'm going to a 34. Just my experience.
Hi all - I thought I'd check here to see if anyone wanted to fund upcomming purchases by selling their lightly used medium shirts or size 33 Walt trousers. Also, I'd be interested Howard Yount trousers that are about the same waist size as a 33 Walt. I'm particularly interested in light/medium grey and navy trousers, perhaps brown. But would be interested to see what you'd like to clear out. Also, I'd love to get blue and lavender oxford shirts. If you have anything...
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