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I know it is unlikey that anyone would be willing to part with theirs - but just in case anyone has any medium Epaulet oxfords with button-down collars and would consider selling them to a Canadian buyer, please drop me a PM.
yeah, jeez I was bummed there wasn't anything that I HAD to buy the first look around. Then I came back and even though I don't really have the funds, I had to snag a couple shirts I've been eyeing for a while. Now I'm going to be revisiting the site every 30 minutes for the next while to jump on any new additions.
wow, some amazing deals there. My credit card is thankful there isn't too much in my size... there are some folks that are going to go crazy with this selection.
Hi everyone - I'm looking for advice on sizing for sweaters. I notice they don't have measurement info up for sweaters on the BB website, I understand how knits are a bit different than shirts and suits. I find I'm between a small and a medium in just about everything, this makes life difficult if I'm not familiar with the product I'm ordering. I'm 5'9.5", 168 lbs, 38 inch chest, generally a slim guy with a little bit of a belly. I've found Epaulet's medium shirts fit me...
ah man, if these were one size smaller I would have scooped them up! Nice pants, what a price too...
Just a follow-up on the advice everyone game me about sizing - going with the small was a good idea. They fit well. I don't think the shirts would be worth the regular price, but for $15 they were pretty good. Thanks again.
Hi - I'm in the market for a white OCBD shirt. Chest measurement 19.5-20", and shoulders about 17.75-18". This usually translates into a small or medium depending on the maker. If you're looking to perhaps find a bit of room in your closet and could use a few extra dollars, drop me a note and let me know what you've got and if it is within the size range I'm looking for. Thanks!
VLSI, cameron - thanks for the input. For the $15 dollar sale I reckon they're worth a shot... cheers!
I'm hoping for some advice on LEC sizing, in particular with the sale on poplin shirts they have on right now. I've checked out their sizing info. But I have a 37.5inch chest (5'9", 165lbs) and wear either a 38 of a 36 jacket depending on the cut of the jacket. Based on the sizing info on the site, this puts me right in between a small and a medium. This is pretty typically for me, being right between small and medium. I'm leaning towards going on the smaller size here,...
would you be able to indicate the width of each? I'm a little guy, 3.25 inches is my sweet spot...
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