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Re: matching - I asked the exact same thing about the navy hopsack, and Adele said it match up fine.
Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was hoping it would fly under everyone's radar and I'd get a crazy deal on it. Well, looks like you and I would have sabotaged each other's ambitions in that regard anyways.
nice, thanks for the advice on that.
Hi all - I'm looking for some sizing advice on this sweater - the fisherman waffle knit. I know Mr. Porter has included sizing info, but just wanted to get some other opinions. I wear a 38 jacket, my chest measurement ranges between 37.5 and 38. I understand that some find that this fits quite slim... so what size would work do you think? I'm not sure if a medium or a large would be more appropriate. In terms of fits that I prefer, I don't like a really trim fitting...
My tailor was blown away by the wool-cashmere-mink pants when I brought them in to be hemmed. Thanks again for offering those up![/quote]
I'm just doing some quick math in my head of what you would have spent on all of that...Wow!
Great news about the MTO shirts. It is only the sleeve length on the off-the-rack Epaulet shirts that doesn't work for me. Getting them a bit shorter makes the shirts an even better deal. I'll be sure to order some when this gets set up.
I'd agree, what a spectacular jacket. Very nice.
Thanks to the folks that responded to my query - this makes me feel better about sizing up one, it seems that not too many people buy their normal size. Cheers! You're all a helpful bunch.
Hi all, I've been through about 30 pages in the thread looking for information about sizing of the 1a and 3a. I'm still not really certain I've figured it out, so I'm hoping for some advice. I'm 5'9", 165lbs and wear a 38 jacket. I'm looking to buy a 1a and 3a, and am not wanting a tight fit, looking for a reasonable amount of room so I can wear a shirt underneath and not have it feel to tight and restrictive. Of course I don't want to have it fit like a tent...
New Posts  All Forums: