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Mike, just a quick question if you have a moment... do you have plans to restock the navy hopsack walts soon? Thanks!
Woah, this is great. I can't wait until this is available. Having a casual option is perfect for my workplace, and these prices are great. I'm certain that I'll get several of these, and it's great to see that there'll be the potential for different fabric options.Thanks very much for the update, and for the work you're putting in to make this happen.
Hi Mike, I remember a while back you had given everyone a heads-up that you had in the works cotton jackets in the $275ish range coming, I think in khaki, blue and something else - that could be matched up with trousers of the same colour if someone wanted to get a very well priced cotton suit. Do you have any updates on this? I'd love to get in on that. Thanks.
I'm going to be refreshing by brouser like crazy! Thanks for the heads-up.
Any advance pictures would be appreciated! I've been looking forward to these.
Mike - are you able to provide an update on what you've got planned for EPNY shirts and for Walts? I know the MTO program is meant to help provide options, but I'm curious to see what items you'll be looking bringing in as pre-made stock. Thanks
I think pretty much anything in the Wool-Mink-Cash I'd support. What a beautiful fabric that stuff is.
Agreed! A cream trouser would be perfect. I'd love to see what the pale yellow looks like in trouser form. It is hard to imagine just with the swatch.
Beautiful C&J for BB lace ups on 360 last. I bought these from a forum member, but I've found them a bit too snug so thought I'd pass them along. What a shame, they are a beautiful pair of shoes. Shoes are in great condition. Kept in shoe trees and in bags. Asking $175 shipped includes bags and box (trees not included). I might be up for trading for another pair of similar shoes in 9.5, and for a more valuable pair would be willing to kick in a few dollars as well. I...
Hi all - I'm looking to buy a pair of brown captoe shoes in a size US9.5. Something like these Carminas offered by Skoaktiebolaget would be ideal - or shoes somewhere in the same league in terms of quality. Either something fairly new, or at least lightly used would be best. Drop me a message if you are looking to part with something like this.
New Posts  All Forums: