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It does with me - Epaulet is more expensive for a similar product, but I've been won over by the service... and the fact they accept returns from Canada helps too. I guess if I'm spending good money on clothing I'll just spend a bit more and be certain I will get awesome service and issues will be resolved without any problems or delay.
awww man this would have been a motherload for me if you had mediums!
Oh man, I just blew some money on something else. This is exactly what I am looking for, perfect size too! This is a beauty. If by some miracle this doesn't sell soon and I can replenish my clothes budget, I'll be all over this.
You beat me to them, it is a shame that there won't be a restock on these. Anyone who got a 32 or 33 in these and find they don't work out - give me a shout! I'll take em off your hands.
Whoa, this is nice. I wish I got this, the small would be my size too. I see they still have the apple colour in my size... I would have prefered this one.Congrats on the nice purchase.
size would be helpful
Each time I come across this post I get tempted tp ull the trigger on this. 9.5 being such a common size, I'm surprised someone hasn't jumped on these. If I end up in an impulsive mood before someone pulls the trigger I just might end up with these someday. Very reasonable price.
Wow, if you need some shirts, those at $49 are a steal. Too bad there isn't anything in my size that I need.
So then, I'll ask this the other way around - if I wear a 33 Walt, does that mean I should get a 34 HY instead of a 32 HY?
This is great, thanks for bringing in this product.I'll snag one with my next order.Just a quick question - I remember a while back you or Mike asked, whether folks would buy striped oxfords if you brought them in... do you think this might ever be in the works?I've got to say, even with all of the cool stuff you guys sell my favourite go-to item of clothing is my white button-down collar oxford shirt. My favouriate item of clothing, it gets tons of wear.
New Posts  All Forums: