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Hi all - I'm looking to buy a pair of brown captoe shoes in a size US9.5. Something like these Carminas offered by Skoaktiebolaget would be ideal - or shoes somewhere in the same league in terms of quality. Either something fairly new, or at least lightly used would be best. Drop me a message if you are looking to part with something like this.
Bah! Oh well, I had to gamble on it. And is it that it buttons up from the other side that's the difference between a mens and women's knit?
I can't speak for the charcoal, but my brown trousers are now most certainly my favourite. They are very beautiful, and have an amazing texture. I couldn't recommend them enough.
I offered 32 quid, they came back with 35... and I accepted.
Yup, I got it. They accepted my best offer I took the risk it would work out with the measurements, I bet just guessing by the pictures it'll be fine. For that price I had to take the chance.
congrats - this was a wise purchase
I wear a 38 jacket and bought a 38 in the veneto... it fits great not wearing a jacket underneath. I suspect wearing a jacket underneath might be a bit snug... I'd probably size up if I were wearing a jacket underneath the coat.
An extra 25% off is amazing, I've promised myself to slow down on the purchases though. I'd recommend someone jumping on the Veneto moleskin overcoat.... I got it at the sale price and am thrilled with it. I get compliments every day wearing that, and it probably the most comfortable piece of clothing I have. 25% off 695 is a steal.
Re: matching - I asked the exact same thing about the navy hopsack, and Adele said it match up fine.
Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was hoping it would fly under everyone's radar and I'd get a crazy deal on it. Well, looks like you and I would have sabotaged each other's ambitions in that regard anyways.
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