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I'll put a shout out for 3 1/4
Maybe not the marine blue, but I'd appreciate a chance with the other two.
I'd love to have another crack at the brown melange hopsack - I slept on that one too long with the previous round, and it sold out. I'd love to pre-order one this time around!
I think #1 and #3 are great... in particular 3.
Yes let's see the fall stuff! I like considering the more interesting and crazy options.
I'd be in for the gun check. I bet that's one fabric that you'll get a lot of interest in.Let me know if you can make a go of it, and I'll put down the deposit.Thanks again for arranging this, these jackets offer amazing value.
That date is fine! These are great options, I'll be in on this round for sure if these are the options.Any idea on price? Do you have a rough date for when you'll open up pre-orders?Thanks for looking into putting these options together for everyone, the work you're doing on this is appreciated.
These look great! It was hard to tell from the small swatches provided during the preorder period what they'd look like. These are great. Three questions: - do you have any extras made up from the other fabrics offered during the preorder? - will you be posting these jackets on your website? - do you plan on doing a preorder of other jackets in the future? I think that this was a great concept at a very competitive price
Yeah I definitely prefer the smaller pictures, much easier when using my mobile. Like someone else noted, the item is just a click away.
Wow and in my size too! These are beautiful.
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