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What size are these?
Aww man these carminas are perfect... and in my size! Someone buy these so I don't have to. So nice.
Is recommend a 40 as well. I'm a bit more slender, I think, and have a 38... but wish I went 40.
I checked my inbox and span folder, and didn't find anything. May I ask what that the nature of the Christmas surprise is?
Yeah I finally pulled the trigger on the overcoat... I've been stalking it online for weeks.
@Epaulet just wondering... Do you guys plan on doing another round of EFF for jackets?
Wow Ben these look great! And thanks for making the deposit idea happen. This makes me motivated to spend more, even though it doesn't make any sense that it should. I guess I need to rationalize spending.... Just a couple questions: 1) how long will the preorders be open for? 2) is there a shortage of any of these fabrics?
I'm wearing them right now. They are my favourite trouser of all time!
Hey Mike, I'm looking forward to seeing the selection today! Just curious, are you planning a EFF for jackets any time soon?
What color is the Mink-Wool-Cashmere coming in? I have the brown from last year and they are my favourite trousers. And I know you had the charcoal too. Any other colors would be amazing!
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