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Yes! This is a great idea.
But what would the purpose of running this poll? Hasn't it already been discussed at length, and they've made a decision on this knowing that with either course of action there will be some who don't like the button stance?
Prices will be probably $425 - $450. Here are the fabrics - all from Biella, plus one more in a viduna coloured pure cashmere from Loro Piana which will probably be $595. [/quote] Awesome, thanks for sharing this. I look forward to seeing the final product!
In particular... I wonder where things are at with the burgundy stripe oxfords. I've been holding out placing an order, as I'm hoping to snag one of these.
I just got your email and noted that overcoats are coming... are you able to share info about pricing, styles, and anticipated pricing?Thanks!
I disagree, I prefer them displayed like this.
Tricky, do you wear an Epaulet medium shirt?Great fit here. I was debating which size I'd go with.
In advance of the pre orders closing for this round of jackets are you able to share a preview of the fabrics that'll be offered in the next round? Even less-than-perfect snapshots would be appreciated!
Yes, I vote just going 2 button
The other jackets are Navy Herringbone in Wool/Cashmere, Medium Brown Herringbone in Wool Cashmere, Repeat of Hopsack, A blue/brown Windowpane type of check, A Navy Self Overcheck. I'll see if I can get some pics of the fabrics a little later this afternoon. [/quote] Getting a peek at the jackets coming later would be great. It'll give me a better sense of how to prioritize purchases with this current pre-order.
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