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Great news about the MTO shirts. It is only the sleeve length on the off-the-rack Epaulet shirts that doesn't work for me. Getting them a bit shorter makes the shirts an even better deal. I'll be sure to order some when this gets set up.
I'd agree, what a spectacular jacket. Very nice.
Thanks to the folks that responded to my query - this makes me feel better about sizing up one, it seems that not too many people buy their normal size. Cheers! You're all a helpful bunch.
Hi all, I've been through about 30 pages in the thread looking for information about sizing of the 1a and 3a. I'm still not really certain I've figured it out, so I'm hoping for some advice. I'm 5'9", 165lbs and wear a 38 jacket. I'm looking to buy a 1a and 3a, and am not wanting a tight fit, looking for a reasonable amount of room so I can wear a shirt underneath and not have it feel to tight and restrictive. Of course I don't want to have it fit like a tent...
I had to pull the trigger on those Sienna Browns... really looking forward to these coming in!
I've got this shirt - someone who takes a Epaulet medium really needs to buy this!
I'll second #2 noted above - I'd love to know what is planned in terms of knitwear this fall.
Yup, they're animals aren't they!I'm looking forward to the new Walts and the new outerwear... and sweaters too.
Nice, I keep a regular eye on the site and have snagged sale stuff in much the same manner. It was a 100km run. Not an easy one as well, but I'm a tough cookie, and managed to get it done.
thanks man! It was a good week, for sure.
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