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Wow, so nice. If I wasn't about to go on parental leave shortly I'd be in on a couple of these at least.
Very nice, thanks for the update. This item has been the most anticipated piece for me in quite some time. It fills a need I've needed to fill, and I was holding out on getting this type of item from Epaulet instead of rolling the dice elsewhere. Cheers!
Mike, do you have an ETA on the EPLA sportcoats? Or early pictures to share? Thanks!
Wow, this is very cool of you to work this out. This helps out us folk up in Canada, especially since the CDN$ took a hit every bit counts.I look forward to seeing the range of colours too, even though I think I'm sold on the ecru.
Mike - sorry for bugging you with questions about this every couple months... but any word on progress towards the cotton jackets that you were aiming for in the $250-ish range? I think last you mentioned you were in the process of working on the fit. Any update would be appreciated!
I agree very much with this, I'd love to see these jackets catch on and be an ongoing item. I think it occupies a spot nobody else does well, including Suit Supply. I missed out on the jacket I really wanted in my size, but I hope to see more made available in the future.
Hi all - just wanted to get your advice on something... I have a navy double breasted wool overcoat. It looks a lot like this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/330750/price-drop-raffaele-caruso-ulster-coat-or-overcoat-40-42-50-52 Overall, the coat is a nice fit, espeically in the shoulders and the length. The one area though that could be improved is around the waist - as it is a little snug when buttoned up. I have a slender upper body, and am carrying a bit around the...
Wow! awesome deal. Almost my size... I'm tempted to buy them and aim to lose 15 pounds so I can actually wear them.
Hi all, I'm very much a shoe care rookie. All I do with me shoes for the most part is use Saphir Reno every so often. I've come across a problem with a pair of Allen Edmonds Kenilworth shoes I bought on eBay. I'm having a back-and-forth with the seller to try to resolve the issue - but I'd like some advice on how to help these shoes. See the picture below: When I took them out of the box, they both looked good. As soon as I tried them on it was obivous one shoe was...
Hey Mike, just curious about another product update, although I know that you were taking the time to get this right - how are those cotton jackets coming along? The ones I think you were aiming to be about $250-ish I think. I'm holding off buying anything like that from anyone else because I know I'll just re-buy it when you get them in.Thanks again for your work on these, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
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