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Ah man, a great pair of Vass in my size and a great price AND cheap shipping to Canada... but at a time I really shouldn't buy more stuff. Can someone buy these so I don't have to? K thanks.
What size?
I really like that darker one! It would be great to see more when you get the swatches.I don't know about everyone else, and I know this is irrational, but I tend to buy more when there is like a 50% up front payment... and then the rest a couple months later.For some reason spreading out the pain makes things seem cheaper and makes me spend more.
This is such a cool design. Too bad I'm so not cool enough to pull this off. I hope this well for you guys and you continue to put out interesting pieces like this.
Yes! This would be great. I appreciate you considering making this an option.
Hey Mike, do you know if you'll be brining more loopwheeled tees, or at least restocking the green? I just got my first two shirts and LOVE them! I'd love to see more of this product, I'd never buy a different kind of t shirt again. I'm really kicking myself about missing a medium green shirt.
Ah man these would fit me perfectly, including the shorter sleeve length! Too bad I've already blown my clothes budget... can someone hurry up and buy these so I don't have to? K thanks.
Awesome! I'll second the suggestion for a brown hopsack (or maybe some sort of tweed) with a tasteful windowpane... perhaps a subtle light blue? Oh man that would be great.Thanks for offering to take requests into consideration, this is much appreciated.
Cant wait to see how these come out. At 3.25 I'll be in on this for sure.
Mike, thanks again for all of the previews of what's to come. On that note, can you share anything about what trousers to you anticipate you'll bring in stock for the fall (not MTO)? Do you think you'll bring in any moleskin walts perhaps?
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