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I've checked in as well, as of last weekend they said there would be a small restock in a couple weeks. So, unless timelines have changed, we'd be looking at about another week.
I've checked on this - look like in a couple weeks they will get a small restock, then that's it for the fabric as I understand it. I missed out on the first release, an will be sure to be much faster on the trigger next time.
Just a heads-up a bunch of new items got put up on sale. Check em out. I promised myself no more purchases for a few weeks, but got sucked into a great deal, broke the promise.
Aw man, if only someone out there with a collection of medium shirts was doing a clean-out! I'd be all over that. Someone who wears smalls should just clean this guy out. Nice deals.
what is it about the cut that makes you prefer HY American-cut trousers? And in terms of sizing, I wear a size 33 EP Walt well... do you think a 34 HY American cut would work best?
It does with me - Epaulet is more expensive for a similar product, but I've been won over by the service... and the fact they accept returns from Canada helps too. I guess if I'm spending good money on clothing I'll just spend a bit more and be certain I will get awesome service and issues will be resolved without any problems or delay.
awww man this would have been a motherload for me if you had mediums!
Oh man, I just blew some money on something else. This is exactly what I am looking for, perfect size too! This is a beauty. If by some miracle this doesn't sell soon and I can replenish my clothes budget, I'll be all over this.
You beat me to them, it is a shame that there won't be a restock on these. Anyone who got a 32 or 33 in these and find they don't work out - give me a shout! I'll take em off your hands.
Whoa, this is nice. I wish I got this, the small would be my size too. I see they still have the apple colour in my size... I would have prefered this one.Congrats on the nice purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: