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Cant wait to see how these come out. At 3.25 I'll be in on this for sure.
Mike, thanks again for all of the previews of what's to come. On that note, can you share anything about what trousers to you anticipate you'll bring in stock for the fall (not MTO)? Do you think you'll bring in any moleskin walts perhaps?
I've got my fingers crossed for 3 1/8th or 3 1/4!
Mike, thanks for these updates. I'm hoping for one more update... how are the EPLA sport coats coming along? Any projections on an arrival date?
I'd second the comment from the previous JR Magat, more shoes like this along these lines would be a great option. It would offer great value, and I'm hesitant to try out budget options from other retailers... but I think you'd get this right.Count me in on being a customer of this line of products if you ever go down this route!
** Edit, now a super great price... someone grab these already!***Up for sale is a fairly recent B&S purchase that didn't work out for me offered at a blow-out price! See the original classified where I acquired this from: http://www.styleforum.net/t/445310/epaulet-rudy-size-32-brown-houndstooth There are a couple things that I'd like to ad to the description from the seller - there's no room to let out at the waist (an unfortunate thing for me...) and the waist...
Hi all, For sale is the Epaulet Doyle as describe in the classified below: http://www.styleforum.net/t/431148/epaulet-doyle-washed-navy-duck-canvas-size-40-price-drop#post_7514791 This was a heck of a deal, so I had to jump on it just to try it out. Turns out it really doesn't fit my style, so I need to find a new home for it. $55 plus shipping from Canada - which should be about $10 to Canada or $14 to US. I think that this is a great deal, considering the retail price...
Thanks @razl, there are a special pair of shoes and I hope to find them a good home.
Very nice, thanks!
To be honest, I'm not sure..
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