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Yeah I definitely prefer the smaller pictures, much easier when using my mobile. Like someone else noted, the item is just a click away.
Wow and in my size too! These are beautiful.
And an update on the EPLA jackets would be great too.
Mike - do you have any updates on the EPLA sportcoats that have been in development? I think I remember the last update you provided you figured you'd aim to have them launched in the spring... so hopefully just around the corner?
Aww man .5 of a size too big! These are amazing, great price too.
I'm yeah that's what I thought when I saw the email. This might do some damage to my credit card, especially with the Canadian dollar going into the tank.Mike - do you have a sense of the price range for jackets yet?
What size are these?
Aww man these carminas are perfect... and in my size! Someone buy these so I don't have to. So nice.
Is recommend a 40 as well. I'm a bit more slender, I think, and have a 38... but wish I went 40.
New Posts  All Forums: