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If a group MTO was running on the first option I'd be in there in an instant. I regret not getting in on the first round.Someone mentioned an option for navy suede... that would be nice too.But yeah let's get another GMTO going @Leaves!
Thanks for the push on this... based on this kick in the but I pulled the trigger on this. I really didn't need to spend this money but this for me is a grail coat that I'd never be able to afford at full retail.
Great, thanks for your help!
Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some sizing advice on the Dept B Commander jackets, like the ones found here: I'm 5'9, 175 lbs about 39 inch chest and wear either size 38 or 40 jacket size (depending on the cut). I find that I'm often between sizes on garments, but try to go with the larger of two sizes as I'd rather have a bit more room rather than be uncomfortable. I'm thinking a large? I guess an XL is too big? Thanks in advance...
And just one more question about jackets @spiermackay: do you have any restock on the navy hopsack on the horizon?
These look great! Anything to share with upcoming sport coats?
These are beautiful! I regret not getting in on these. Come on, someone with a 9UK please sell em to me.
Ah man I regret missing out on these. Anyone with a 9UK that wants to see their boots to me? I'd gladly take them off your hands! Drop me a PM.
Yes! This would be really cool.
Nice, thanks for the advice
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