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Mike - are you able to provide an update on what you've got planned for EPNY shirts and for Walts? I know the MTO program is meant to help provide options, but I'm curious to see what items you'll be looking bringing in as pre-made stock. Thanks
I think pretty much anything in the Wool-Mink-Cash I'd support. What a beautiful fabric that stuff is.
Agreed! A cream trouser would be perfect. I'd love to see what the pale yellow looks like in trouser form. It is hard to imagine just with the swatch.
Beautiful C&J for BB lace ups on 360 last. I bought these from a forum member, but I've found them a bit too snug so thought I'd pass them along. What a shame, they are a beautiful pair of shoes. Shoes are in great condition. Kept in shoe trees and in bags. Asking $175 shipped includes bags and box (trees not included). I might be up for trading for another pair of similar shoes in 9.5, and for a more valuable pair would be willing to kick in a few dollars as well. I...
I know this has been mentioned in the thread every once in a while, but it is pictures like this that highlight the fact that the HY website pictures don't do the product justice. When I look at the pictures on the site they seem pretty "meh", but shots like this highlight just how nice these are. I wish Jamison did a better job of showing off the product.
Hi all - I'm looking to buy a pair of brown captoe shoes in a size US9.5. Something like these Carminas offered by Skoaktiebolaget would be ideal - or shoes somewhere in the same league in terms of quality. Either something fairly new, or at least lightly used would be best. Drop me a message if you are looking to part with something like this.
Bah! Oh well, I had to gamble on it. And is it that it buttons up from the other side that's the difference between a mens and women's knit?
I can't speak for the charcoal, but my brown trousers are now most certainly my favourite. They are very beautiful, and have an amazing texture. I couldn't recommend them enough.
I offered 32 quid, they came back with 35... and I accepted.
Yup, I got it. They accepted my best offer I took the risk it would work out with the measurements, I bet just guessing by the pictures it'll be fine. For that price I had to take the chance.
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