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What color is the Mink-Wool-Cashmere coming in? I have the brown from last year and they are my favourite trousers. And I know you had the charcoal too. Any other colors would be amazing!
Aww man so nice! Too bad they're a size too big for me. These are special.
Those mink trousers are my very favourite pair I own. If these fit you, you MUST BUY these!
Aw man it kills me when people post the coolest items that fit me at a time when I'm short on cash! This is a winner. Applky's other Epaulet jacket is sweet too. Someone is going to clean up on this deal. Or, if it sits here too long I might have to spend money I don't have
Ah man, a great pair of Vass in my size and a great price AND cheap shipping to Canada... but at a time I really shouldn't buy more stuff. Can someone buy these so I don't have to? K thanks.
What size?
I really like that darker one! It would be great to see more when you get the swatches.I don't know about everyone else, and I know this is irrational, but I tend to buy more when there is like a 50% up front payment... and then the rest a couple months later.For some reason spreading out the pain makes things seem cheaper and makes me spend more.
This is such a cool design. Too bad I'm so not cool enough to pull this off. I hope this well for you guys and you continue to put out interesting pieces like this.
Yes! This would be great. I appreciate you considering making this an option.
Hey Mike, do you know if you'll be brining more loopwheeled tees, or at least restocking the green? I just got my first two shirts and LOVE them! I'd love to see more of this product, I'd never buy a different kind of t shirt again. I'm really kicking myself about missing a medium green shirt.
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