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awww man if only these were 38's!! Nice stuff.
Hi all, up for sale is a pair of grey Panta trousers that I just haven't got to wearing. They are fantastic quality as many of you know, but I have a very similar pair of Epaulet trousers that always seem to get into the rotation before these do. Waist measures 34", inseam is 29.25", with no cuff and about 1.5" of material folded under. There's more material to be let out at the waist. Asking $110 Shipping to Canada is $12, and US $19.
Hi all - I'm looking to sell this pair of Meermin oxford shoes, size 8.5UK. They're a great pair, but I have one foot that has a bit of a funny shape and I find the last doesn't work for me - it is too snug on the weird foot. I bought these as seconds, as you can see there is a bit of a nick on the toe. I honestly think the picture picks it up more than it looks like in person, but I want to be really up front about it being there. With a bit of polish it helps hide it....
Beautiful! just what I was waiting for. The only problem now if that I have to make a choice on the colour. Just a sizing question - if I wear a 38 jacket and a medium EP shirt, then I should buy a size 38 in this I guess?
It is great to see these fall/winter items coming in! Mike, do you have a good idea of when sweaters might be in stock? I'm holding off buying elsewhere, as I figure whatever you guys get I'll give first consideration to.
Mike, I have three questionsAre you going to be brining in in-stock fall/winter walts?Will you be restocking navy hopsack walts?Also, any new EPNY shirts on the horizon?Thanks again!
Mike, will any of these fabrics - in particular the flecked donegal - be opened up for Walt MTO's?
Thank you for this - I have short arms and always have to pass on jackets with finished sleeves. I'm not as much of a fan of the EPLA products as the EPNY products, but this is something that I'm sure to try out.Mike, if you can, would you be able to give us an idea of what sweaters you plan on stocking this fall? I waited on getting a hardie cardigan last year for too long, and by the time I was ready to spend the funds they were all gone. Even if you don't plan on...
Up for sale is a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes, size 9.5D. I bought these before figuring out the 5 last fits a little big, and wore them for a while but finally decided to suck it up and simply re-purchase these shoes in a size that actually fits properly. Price cut - now asking $95 There is a little bit of wear on these, perhaps about 12-15 wears. But they're still in decent condition. See the heel and sole pictures attached to this ad. I've kept these in shoe...
Mike, just a quick question if you have a moment... do you have plans to restock the navy hopsack walts soon? Thanks!
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