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And any word on the colours offered in the university striped OCBDs?
No not crazy, this would be perfect
Oh yeah this is great value. Keep jackets like this coming!
Great work on these, I really like those first two. What price range will these be offered at?
Nice! Can you share any more about other models and general price range you're aiming for?
I get the sense there's probably a few folks like me who are eagerly awaiting your B&S posting to purge your current set of trousers!
That's great to hear. I just opened my package and it is certainly a hard 3 and I'll ne returning mine. Too bad, as other that this issue the jacket is great.
If that’s the case it helps, I ordered a 38r
I haven't received my jacket yet, I'll be really disappointed if my jacket looks like a hard 3. Especially with no returns on a preorder. This isn't what I ordered...
I'll put a shout out for 3 1/4
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