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All of these look great. For me, the only trousers I'd need is brown and maybe navy, but most of these are nice staples and should sell well. Jackets in any of these would be great (except maybe the black).
Nice I'd love to see some moleskin samples!
7, 13 and 24 are the cream of the crop for me. But many of these would be popular. Very nice fabrics.Based on the ideas you've been getting feedback on you guys are going to kill it this fall.I'm looking forward to the cotton suiting for s/s, too.
I'd have to see how the cord jackets made up, but never have really been into them.I'd love moleskin though. Navy? Moss? Maybe brown? Not many places do these well at a reasonable price.
Ah nice, must have been my phone that made it look greyish. Beautiful! I'm in for this one too!
Cool fabric, are you looking at something like this is a navy or brown? I'd be in for one if you can get your hands on either of these colours.
Ummm yes please take my money now.And yes to triple patch pockets.Thanks for keeping an eye on picking up fabrics like this, I buy stuff from NMWA but am not the kind of guy who was spend over $1K on a jacket.Let's do it!
It is shocking that nobody has bought this at this price. I'm a 40/38, and have the veneto coat in grey Epaulet sold. These are amazing quality. If it wasn't for being too small I'd be all over this. Heck, it is tempting for those times of my weight swings where I'm relatively light. Someone buy this already!!!!
Pics please!!!
Cool! It would be great to see some pictures if possible, plus an update on timing and price range would be awesome too. I have a feeling I might be in on more than one jacket depending on colours that are offered.
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