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No not crazy, this would be perfect
Oh yeah this is great value. Keep jackets like this coming!
Great work on these, I really like those first two. What price range will these be offered at?
Nice! Can you share any more about other models and general price range you're aiming for?
I get the sense there's probably a few folks like me who are eagerly awaiting your B&S posting to purge your current set of trousers!
That's great to hear. I just opened my package and it is certainly a hard 3 and I'll ne returning mine. Too bad, as other that this issue the jacket is great.
If that’s the case it helps, I ordered a 38r
I haven't received my jacket yet, I'll be really disappointed if my jacket looks like a hard 3. Especially with no returns on a preorder. This isn't what I ordered...
I'll put a shout out for 3 1/4
Maybe not the marine blue, but I'd appreciate a chance with the other two.
New Posts  All Forums: