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Great, thanks for your help!
Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some sizing advice on the Dept B Commander jackets, like the ones found here: I'm 5'9, 175 lbs about 39 inch chest and wear either size 38 or 40 jacket size (depending on the cut). I find that I'm often between sizes on garments, but try to go with the larger of two sizes as I'd rather have a bit more room rather than be uncomfortable. I'm thinking a large? I guess an XL is too big? Thanks in advance...
And just one more question about jackets @spiermackay: do you have any restock on the navy hopsack on the horizon?
These look great! Anything to share with upcoming sport coats?
These are beautiful! I regret not getting in on these. Come on, someone with a 9UK please sell em to me.
Ah man I regret missing out on these. Anyone with a 9UK that wants to see their boots to me? I'd gladly take them off your hands! Drop me a PM.
Yes! This would be really cool.
Nice, thanks for the advice
Ah awesome! Mike, do you have an idea of the price range you'll aim for with the casual cotton jackets? And timing?
Man I wish those bombers would make a comeback! What a mistake I made not getting in on those when they were available. I guess when I saw them I just didn't have the imagination to see how great they'd look in real life with a casual outfit like this.
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