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Yeah, I've got a pair of meermin shoes and they are good value. Although issues with returns and spotty customer service stories from their thread is a drawback.A better option I think for budget concious folks who want a decent shoe is to look at Skoaktiebolaget offerings from Carlos Santos. They're a bit more expensive than Meermin, but cheaper than Carmina, but you get the good customer service and responsiveness of Skoaktiebolaget. Nice shoes too, at least by my...
Ok I'll contribute something constructive to this thread after derailing things. I have both chipp and hober grenadine ties. I really like both, an the chipp ties are great for me because the dimensions they make the ties in are perfect for me. Although hober ties I think offer a better lining, they seem to drape a bit better. And if you want any variation on the dimensions chipp offers I'd go with hober. Either option is great, there is a big jump in price with better...
Very nice!
The intersection of those attributes with price, and with styling, as the basis of an assessment of "value" makes this subjective. Understanding the basis of how one assesses value, I agree is good. Along with links to their websites so I can check them out! I'm always up for a new place to look for stuff. I've already got some sock ideas from this thread.
What you described is a subjective analysis. But yes, that would be helpful though.
Oh geez, come on. What a ridiculous post. This is a good idea for a thread. It doesn't need to be "objective". The fact that such responses are totally subjective is fine. I like getting ideas of places to look for decent deals, even if I find some people's taste is not quite aligned with my taste.OK sorry, it just needed to be said... carry on!
No code...
I'd seriously give this consideration... I plan on stepping up my boot collection. I was never crazy about the zipper, I'm happy to have it removed, especially considering it would help with the price. I love the idea of an interesting shaft.I look forward to seeing how this develops.
All of these look great. For me, the only trousers I'd need is brown and maybe navy, but most of these are nice staples and should sell well. Jackets in any of these would be great (except maybe the black).
Nice I'd love to see some moleskin samples!
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