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I disagree, I prefer them displayed like this.
Tricky, do you wear an Epaulet medium shirt?Great fit here. I was debating which size I'd go with.
In advance of the pre orders closing for this round of jackets are you able to share a preview of the fabrics that'll be offered in the next round? Even less-than-perfect snapshots would be appreciated!
Yes, I vote just going 2 button
The other jackets are Navy Herringbone in Wool/Cashmere, Medium Brown Herringbone in Wool Cashmere, Repeat of Hopsack, A blue/brown Windowpane type of check, A Navy Self Overcheck. I'll see if I can get some pics of the fabrics a little later this afternoon. [/quote] Getting a peek at the jackets coming later would be great. It'll give me a better sense of how to prioritize purchases with this current pre-order.
And any word on the colours offered in the university striped OCBDs?
No not crazy, this would be perfect
Oh yeah this is great value. Keep jackets like this coming!
Great work on these, I really like those first two. What price range will these be offered at?
Nice! Can you share any more about other models and general price range you're aiming for?
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