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^ No way to resist that. Too bad that I just missed it with my in-store pickup package, but polka and overdyed olive ordered.
Where can I get the polka dot corduroy shirt in M now? Was going to buy from woodwood, but got snagged before I could pull the trigger.
That jacket goes to 11. Thanks for the pics, looking forward to more.
^ maybe because of the snake it is being held as an exotic animal Make sure to upload pics to a site like imgur when you get it, I'm afraid you are going to crash the new SF Edit: and no, have not been hit by customs. I think it was marked low and as a gift.
Anyone else have trouble logging in with facebook?
Is it possible to do in-store pickups of online orders? Have some friends going to NYC in the near future and Epaulet packages always gets hit with heavy VAT to the EU...
^ Yeah, meant the non-suede version that haven has. Need size 40 though (I'm 39/40 CP, so 41 should be too big from what I've gathered)
Does any online store actually have the black leather high-cut sneakers ready for shipping now? RG still says pre-order. Think the suede high's actually look a bit better, but no way they would survive a fall/winter here...
Dries VN oxford sneakers yay or nay? [[SPOILER]]
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