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Hi Mike, check PM's in case it has been lost in the sea. Need invoice for special order weller.
^ Up it $60. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-768/Thorogood-for-Epaulet-Horsehide/Detail
OK, make it so. 21.5" p2p it is. I won't send you an email about this (Edit: Until I checked my inbox, I did end up pestering him. The life of an internet hero swag-maker is hard.)
Fwiw I gave my chest size as 105 cm (41.3 inches) and Drew sized me as 21 p2p for the bomber, other measurements were made larger than stock though.
Since the PM's are swamped...anyone ordered a short/long and gotten any indication of lead time (other then 3-6)? Going to NYC in 4 and would be very convenient if it was ready.
^ I pledge to a kop of a grey duffle with toggles. (Actually thought all Duffels had toggles, but it seems to only refer to the fabric, TIL)
Also wondering this. Feels like anything approaching the state of liquid is like kryptonite when wearing it (also implying it makes you feel like superman).
Anyone know of an online shop with 40 leather high tops in black? Just got an email from RG saying their box of 40's contained size 41 sneakers (after waiting 5 days due to some card problems). fml
For a westener, it seems like they not only have speciality shops for everything, but entire districts with pretty niche purposes. Like Kappabashi-dori
New Posts  All Forums: