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Just received my bomber. Opened the package, beautiful jacket. Only to find that I had joined the ranks of mis-sized ToJ leathers Really gut-wrenching, can't remember being this disappointed in a while, first-world problems and all I guess. Was hoping to post a success story of a noob following the guide with body measures and ending up perfect, but it is just to small, tight chest and painted on sleeves, stitches crackling when I flex tight. Bicep measurements are...
Guys, I went from lurker to registered mostly so I could ignore Iroh, and you are making it all for nought by actually quoting and answering that shit. Press the down arrow by his name and select block, it's really easy
^ Unrelated, and probably answered beforej. Willy, what are the grey trousers that you are wearing in your bomber fit pic?
I calculated in the fact that the customs guys will probably want to touch and smell the leather for a couple of days, so wednesday-friday seems realistic
Tracking received. Excited for a couple of minutes, then I'm like this for the next 5-7 days [[SPOILER]]
edit: whoops, a bit late.
^ Yeah, picked up the white ones for $100 on their sale. (If you are talking about the CP-soled gat). Long story short; I don't see any quality differences between them and my white achilles. Laces suck ass though (and no extra set)
That's a very nice duffle. I don't think anyone can say nay to the flaps from that picture alone, in my head it looks pretty cool irl. What would the other colorways look like? (Grey/pepper etc if available, what color leather etc)
^^ Also the cost of them is $250, but whatever (I guess he wants the shipping of his mistake covered as well)
Is there a list of retailers more complete than the one on the W+H site?
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