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^ Never had a pair NiB without extra laces and a shoe bag.
Is there a single disappointing episode you can share, or are you generally displeased? He has been pretty accommodating for me and friends. Refunded some fixes at the tailor for various small errors, added discount codes after the order were shipped, refunded transaction fees when stock errors made the order void (sucks, but can understand that it happens), etc.
You could wear a 38. In my opinion US TTS is mapped to CP as such:38 - 639 - 740 - 8with some differences.
Uhh, if you ever wanted to buy a $1200 baseball jacket [[SPOILER]]
If you have an account that you have used to purchase stuff non-recently maybe you can shoot them an email, they have changed logon/user systems a couple of times.
I'm going to NYC this week, and thought I'd bring my mis-sized ToJ with me. If anyone happens to be there that is interested in a bomber, we can meet up. Will also be able to ship conus cheaper during the week that I'm there (usually located overseas), pm me.
For sale is a new in tote Bomber. It has stock 48 sizes, with narrower shoulders at 17", 0.5" shorter front, back and sleeve lengths, and slightly slimmer sleeves at 7.1" width at pit. Price includes shipping worldwide. It has all the options (placket flap, suede name tag, attachable shearling collar) Selling because of sizing error. I'm 5'8" 175 pounds (172 cm 80kg), lengths are perfect, but body and sleeve is too tight. I'm 41.5" chest (p2p was production error) and...
He (aaaeeeiiiooouuu) didn't ask what I was sized as, he asked how big the p2p (size) is on the actual physical jacket in my possession.Brown A-2
^ 105cm
^ Sorry, it's not. It's a shortened 48. 21" p2p, 17" s2s, back length and sleeve length 23.5"
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