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Same for 40. 40 MMM is a bit smaller than a true 7.5 and the CP is over a true 8 imo. Can measure if anyone cares (think I added 39/40 measurements to the luxe matrix ages ago). Agree on the widths.
oct12insiders 20% at RG
^ Available now? Finding black highs turned out to be a pain this FW.
I want the all black ones. Am I SOL without a pre-order? Haven't found them anywhere, only the black lows.
I have sz 32 apc petit standards and sz 33 weird guys. Should I go for 32 or 33 camo's?
Please stop bumping our subscriptions to this thread with code requests Listen. They have given out a few personal codes with a small 15% discount. The code works until end of season, so nobody is probably going to give you their code. Take solace in the fact that the code doesnt stack with anything, and that they regularly have codes/sales that are better than this.
I size 1 down (from mmm low)
Don't own an iPhone, but google returned this. Augusta side shot - go.
If anyone is wondering about the various retailers order queue; Pediwear is filling up the 1st October order, Bodileys the 1st December order. Jermyn street still had my size in stock and are shipping it today.
I regrettably didn't pick up a pair of Chepstow's when visiting Jermyn street a couple of months ago. Sarah of Bodileys says she can add me to the 1st December order... I guess this time frame will be the same for pediwear/plal etc? Are you guys ordering shoes from them now and waiting for months or are you mailing C&J stores directly? Do C&J deduct VAT? Shipping costs?
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