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Bunch of mac's on TBS ebay store (ending now -> 1h)
Not really a gym bag, but I use an apc duffle. [[SPOILER]] Before this I used an actual gym bag by adidas, but looked like shit. I figure if I lug around on this thing 3-4 times a week it should at least look decent.Seems like you want something bigger though, mine exactly fits wo clothes, weightlifting shoes, chalk, fractional plates, shake etc. With a belt it's full.Maybe a filson medium duffle?
But free shipping is (when other retailers have $50+ international). You are right though, sitting it out.
^ Anyone have experience with Haven internationally (customs etc)? Outside conus.
Anyone in europe use the MMM sale? The link in this thread is to the US site with 30% off. Can only select US shipping at checkout, and sends you to a different site with no sale if you select an EU country. Edit: Scratch that. Sale works, but the calculated VAT is wrong (from retail), have emailed them. Have anyone ordered from them before, and got overcharged VAT returned?
Via US vpn proxy or how did you manage?
Whats the blackbird code? Must have missed that one.
This is probably flogging a dead horse; Just tried to checkout some W+H stuff from nomad only to be greeted with a $85 shipping charge. Seriously, who goes for that?
^ One small addendum; they only have size 39 (white lows)
Those coupons didn't stack with any other codes anyway.
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