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No it's tied to your session. I just changed because it seemed like non-US had the problems. Change back from US and the codes does not work again. Please stop insisting all of us are doing something wrong. Also sorry to clutter the sales with TBS issues. Last post.
Switched country to US now, code works. Seems like regions is screwed somehow, or the sale starts at different times according to the region.
Nope. Tried with only one item from the /sale page and with both codes from my email a couple minutes after midnight. I'm guessing region or account problems, the website account system is a fuckup.
If anyone who first had problems gets it working, please provide your solution.... This kinda sucks. Are anyone of you who can't get it working in the US?
To my recollection none of the presales have started at midnight.
^ That sucks. Seems like WW isn't a great place to spend $.
^ A TTS 9 should probably fit a 41.
Uh, feels like the dumbest question ever, but I can't find a place to apply the code. Also can't find a place to register as a customer for login.Edit: you can't use paypal
Fwiw winter sale started at 5. january on the Acne online store last season. Are there better places to shop their jeans?
Only for US again? "Promotion code LNUSCACCEX could not be applied"
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