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Quick noob question. My best fitting pair of pants is probably the Epaulet Rivet Chino size 33 (true waist 33.5, 12.5 thigh). What size WG should I get, 32 or 33?
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 There are many Japanese brands doing far more interesting stuff than MMM currently is. And at the mid range price levels, Japanese brands tend to offer better quality than their European counterparts. Could you post some examples for the uninitiated?
APC Military jacket [[SPOILER]] or Apolis field jacket [[SPOILER]] Or something else, similar style? Some searches turned up some old sf apolis hate, bad brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by alphaO888 Actually the stark is 240 EUROS not USD when you buy it retail - comes out to over 350 USD SNS retails at €216 (at tresbien, from SNS its actually €210), but you dont pay EU-taxes in conus, so it's €172 = $240. I was not trying to "shit on" the thread, or the OP. It is highly possible that he also overpaid and is just selling it at the same price, not trying to con anyone. So I just tried to, as...
I don't really know if this is frowned upon, so sorry if it is. I just wanted to let people here know that the stark is $240 retail and the naval is $200 at tres bien. I'm not affiliated with tres bien or anything, I just think it is kind of silly when offerings here start over a price at a known web store.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you nice. the more the better Original Achilles Low White sz 40 - 28.5 cm
^^ here is some higher res pictures of the same edition in mid
^ Well screw the local dealer then, went with TBS
My local dealer only has the achilles low woman sneakers. Does anyone know if they are any different from the mens at all? old SF FS thread with womans edition
Could you update the OP with your size? (chest length weight) and if any of the items fit you small/big note that as well
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