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Quote: Originally Posted by Ivwri Think I might order that Seabag as well. A friend of mine ordered the seabag. He recently got an email with a refund saying not enough people ordered it, so it wont get made
^ kinda fun when wesc got called out on the TBS-blog
Quote: Originally Posted by woody^^ Jacket is a 50, measurements that were given: Height: 6’1. Chest: 37.5". Weight: 70kg I think something weird happened here. Baseball is also my first ToJ, and looking at my mails with charly I gave him the measurements 5'8'', 80kg, 41.5" chest and we ended up on a 48. Actually a 49, but Drew decided against odd sizes I think. I haven't actually received mine yet, so I'm still antsy about it being too slim,...
^ thinly veiled sample-kopping brag
^^^ Does anyone have experience with this site and how they handle package declaration for customs etc? Customs will quickly screw you out of the discount
How far away are the fixed baseball jackets? Too optimistic hoping for shipping this weekend?
^ Facebook post about junya
More TBS news, code 'laceup' gives 15% off all footwear. Actually kinda glad that they don't have more cp's in my size. Any thoughts on pierre hardy dbs vs church dbs? How to these fit compared to clarks?
Quote: Originally Posted by redcybot Anniversary Harrington? Yuuuup.
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