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I might have missed this, what is the final set-in-stone shipped price for the daypack?
Best. Thread. Ever.
I remember a gazzilion pages ago (maybe 8 pages back or something w/ 100 posts) you asked something similar. I wrote out a War and Peace length reply on why you should just get the fucking shoes and my browser crapped out.TL;DR Get shoes. Everyone squatting anything should get wl shoes. WL is a cheap hobo hobby. It costs food, gym membership, chalk, shoes and maybe a belt, in decending order of importance. Do-wins costs $100. We are on a forum where $100 equals a quarter...
Grey lanvins in 44 for $180. Some other shoes left. Tops/shirts and outerwear pretty picked over, naturally. Not enough stuff in my cart to warrant an order
Anyone have experience with Haven here, or know someone who works there? I ordered the w+h high tops and some other cheap w+h stuff from them in the sale. For some reason they split the order into 2 parcels. 1 parcel arrived a week ago. Today Haven email me saying the other parcel have been returned to them. "Please confirm this is the correct address. If you were still interested in the purchase we will invoice you for the reshipping fee. If not we can simply refund you...
edit: derp
^ house of montague, don't remember seeing a navy version [[SPOILER]]
Someone decided to do some christmas office work, got this response from support; The codes should be working now. Best regards, Jonas Just got my order confirmation
Necro-bump: To anyone coming here wondering why their code doesn't work; The presales are somehow locked to the US region. They probably set this up days ago and it got screwed up. Emailing them gives an auto response that they are OOO until Dec 27.
^ lol jet. Hard to see the humor in this for us international plebs, but that made me laugh. Ambivalence: guessing you are not US? Maybe we should continue this in the tbs thread
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